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Clovewort 'Alabama Slammer'

Carnation novelty 2016

As fiery as the cocktail of the same name: Clovewort 'Alabama Slammer'

The colorful flowers of the clove root (Geum hybrid) 'Alabama Slammer' in strong red orange just make you feel good. They appear from June to August and are slightly filled. The hardy perennial grows to a height of about 40 cm and feels most comfortable in the bed in a sunny to partially shaded place. Available in my shop

Tomato 'Limoncito F1'

Tomato Limoncito

Perfect for snacking: tomato 'Limoncito F1'

The small, bright yellow fruits of the mini plum tomato 'Limoncito F1' are very sweet and mild and therefore ideal for snacking. In addition, the outdoor tomato is very robust and resistant to disease. Tip: In the culture regularly auszie the side shoots. Available in my shop

Echinacea purpurea 'Feeling Pink'

New in the plant 2016 Echinacea purpurea 'Feeling Pink'

Echinacea purpurea 'Feeling Pink'

The Echinacea 'Feeling Pink' was awarded a Fleuroselect Gold Medal. The variety is particularly flowering and compact in growth and is wonderful as a bedding and balcony plant. With a flowering in May / June and a flowering in September / October, this Echinacea brings color to the plants. It is also an attractive bee and insect magnet. And as a cut flower, she makes an excellent figure. Cover:


Larkspur 'Highlander Moonlight'

Larkspur 'Highlander Moonlight'

Exceptional in bloom as well as in color is the Larkspur 'Highlander Moonlight' (Delphinium hybrid). The densely filled flowers are purple with white-green center. The variety comes from Scotland - and it is said to have a corresponding robustness. Tightly upright in growth, the perennial larkspur reaches a height of about 100 centimeters. Flowering time is June, an early pruning brings a second flowering in late summer. Cover:


Plant Pots Kirschke

Plant pots from Kirschke

If you would like to give your potted plants a fresh look this year, you will love the pot novelties from Kirschke! Pastel colors set the tone in the "Fresh Line" series. The plastic planters are lightweight, UV-resistant and an eye-catcher in the garden. You can find dealers near you on

Blueberries as a snack

New blueberry varieties from Brazel Berries

New blueberry varieties from Brazel Berries

Brand new this year are three blueberry varieties from Brazel Berries. The breeds are from the American berry tree Fall Creek and are ideal for small situations on the balcony and terrace.
Pink Breeze convinces the whole year through her wonderful foliage color. In spring, the deep green foliage is covered with a pinkish touch. In addition, the variety forms many and big fruits.
'Peach sorbet' has its name thanks to the fresh new shoot, reminiscent of peach sherbet. The blueberries also remind of sweet peaches.
'Jelly bean' has a compact growth. In the spring, the variety produces bright green, during the summer, the foliage turns dark green with reddish tips. The compact variety is very productive and produces sweet berries.

For rhododendron lovers

Rhododendron novelty Inkarho

Rhododendron novelty Inkarho

The Rhododendron Novelty Inkarho is wonderful as a hedge, but can also be cultivated as a single plant in the bucket. The evergreen Rhodo is available in white, pale yellow and purple. With the pleasantly sweet scent of flowers in May, he is particularly close to the seat. Planted as a hedge, Inkarho grows to a height of 1.50 m. Rhododendron is hardy and tolerates a sunny spot.


New jewelery basket 'Xanthos'

Jewelry basket variety 'Xanthos'

The jewelery basket 'Xanthos' (Cosmos bipinnatus) is beautiful and has even won the Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2016. Only varieties with particularly valuable properties (such as robustness, flowering time) receive this award. The sun-yellow flowers with a white border are smaller than other varieties, but they appear denser and convince with their fresh colors. 'Xanthos' blooms permanently into the autumn and gets up to 60 centimeters high. This jewelry basket is a nice addition in the pot garden and in the bed. Available in my shop

Blackberries & raspberries for the fall season

Blackberries and raspberries New 2016

New berry varieties from Lubera

For hobby gardeners, who are looking for small berry shrubs for the planting of tubs, the Swiss breeder Lubera offers two new varieties. The blackberry 'Lowberry Little Black Prince' (left in the picture) contributes to annual shoots. Old rods from last year are cut back to 20 centimeters in February. The plant becomes busier and more productive every year. The autumn raspberry 'Lowberry Little Red Princess' (right) also contributes to the annual shoots.Cut back old rods to ten centimeters in February. Thornless variety, which grows 80 to 100 centimeters in size and produces tasty raspberries. Reference:

Helleborus x orientalis 'Tango'

New plant Helleborus x orientalis 'Tango'

Helleborus x orientalis 'Tango'

This new Linden rose opens its beautiful, large, filled flowers in January and then flowers into March. It is between 50 and 60 inches high and feels most comfortable in a sunny to partially shaded spot. The leathery leaves of this novelty are dark green and form a nice contrast to the white of the flower. Falling temperatures in winter below -15 degrees, the leaves die, the plant then expels again in the spring. Cover:

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