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BEFORE: The playground equipment in the garden is no longer needed because the children are tall. Now parents can change the lawn according to their wishes and preferences.

Suggestion 1: Colorful rose garden

The transformation of the garden into a colorful rose garden requires little time, since no major construction work must be carried out.

Rose garden with seating raised beds

Our first design idea is a rose garden with raised beds and a seat in the center

Even the wooden box surrounded by wooden palisades comes to new honors. The sand is removed and replaced by nutrient-rich topsoil. Now the yellow flowered English rose 'GrahamThomas' and the light yellow bedding rose 'Celina' are flourishing in the new bed with a blue larkspur.
In front of the garage wall, a wide strip of grass is removed and transformed into a sweeping discounts by thoroughly loosening and improving with sand and compost. Above all, roses and perennials with yellow and blue flowers can develop here.
While the sun bride 'Sonnenwunder' and the delphinium, which both reach a height of about 150 centimeters, are placed at the very back of the bed, orange-yellow flowering daylily and lady's mantle occupy the front row. With its creamy white to apricot-colored, slightly fragrant flowers fits the 'Lions Rose' well in between.
Even in autumn, the bed has something to offer. Then open the violet-blue flowers of low asters and the feathery flower panicles of eyelash pearl grass. The up to 170 centimeters tall Chinese reed 'Strictus' forms with its cross-striped leaves a beautiful background in front of the rosary.
Instead of the swing frame, a blue glazed trellis is placed. The purple-blue flowers of Clematis 'Gipsy Queen' bloom here from August to September. Next door is an ideal place for the rich flowering dark purple summer lilac 'Black Knight'. On nice days you can sit under the big blue parasol and enjoy the flowers from up close.

Suggestion 2: Mediterranean terrace

A sunny area like this one can be transformed into a Mediterranean style seat. First, the adjacent garage wall receives a coat of light terracotta clay. Swing and sandpit are completely removed. Instead, a semi-circular surface with reddish plaster is laid on the wall. Above it sits a simple wooden pergola. At her real wine with bright grapes. In the summer, the foliage protects the seat from the glaring sun, and in autumn, you can enjoy the sweet fruits.

Mediterranean terraces

Our second design idea transforms the garden into a Mediterranean wellness zone

As a colorful contrast, the purple-flowered Clematis 'Etoile Violet' also climbs up the pergola. Cozy rattan furniture, decorative accessories and various non-hardy potted plants support the Mediterranean ambience on the new terrace.
A very special garden treasure is the pink-colored rockrose, which is planted in a pot in front of the table because of their lack of winter hardiness. Next to the terrace, two small flower beds are planted, in which various shrubs, grasses and shrubs grow, which can also be found in Mediterranean gardens. The evergreen scaffolding is made up of two slender false cypresses as well as several bookballs that fit into both beds.
The Rolling Spurge bears low-lying gray-green, fleshy leaf shoots and thus attracts the glances in the bed. With higher growth and showy flowers, red to yellow blooming torch lilies and red-flowered fragrant vinegar roses present themselves.
Lavender in large tuffs produces fragrant violet flowers, which can be used well as dried flowers or in fragrance bags. Groups of large feather grass accompany the flowering plants in a charming way. The Beetränder line low pink sunflowers.

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Show us your problem areas

Do you have a garden corner with which you are dissatisfied? For our design series "One Garden - Two Ideas", which appears every month in MY, we are looking for before pictures, on the basis of which we then develop two design ideas. Particularly interesting are typical situations (front garden, terrace, compost corner), which can be transferred as many readers as possible to their garden.
If you would like to participate, please send the following documents to MYNew by e-mail:

  • Two to three good, high-resolution digital images of the initial situation
  • a short description of the picture with mention of all plants, which can be seen in the photos
  • Your complete address including phone number

Write "One Garden - Two Ideas" in the subject line of your email and please refrain from asking. We're not likely to be able to consider all submissions as there is only one post per month. If we use your garden for our series, we will automatically send you a free booklet.

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