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This front garden simply consists of a lawn surrounded by shrubs and shrubs all around. The composition of the plants seems rather random, a real planting concept is not visible.

Suggestion 1: Sea of ​​flowers in sunny colors

In the first design proposal, the front garden of the corner plot is separated on the long side with a hornbeam hedge. Its upper edge is wavy cut, so it seems relaxed and swinging. In front of it, perennials, grasses and roses are planted in harmonious height graduation, so that an attractive garden picture arises.

Front yard with staggered perennials

In our first design ideas, we use height grading to create a beautiful garden picture

The yellow-flowered Oriental clematis creeps up an obelisk, shining with countless small yellow flowers until autumn. These include the stately yellow-flowered gold pistil, also known as ragwort, and the giant feather grass. At their feet are filled white daisies and orange-pink bed roses 'Brothers Grimm', which also occur in the front bed area.
Lady's coat limits the bed to the lawn. The winter flowered Christmas rose and the evergreen scented snowball, which opens its white flower balls in April, are complemented by the narrow beet stripes.

Suggestion 2: Easy-care steppe garden

Especially on small surfaces it sometimes makes sense to do without lawns - especially if you do not have much time for care. In this example, all plants were removed except for the existing barberry in front of the entrance and the soil thoroughly loosened and enriched with sand and compost.

Steppe garden with perennial grasses

Our second design idea is a steppe garden with perennials and grasses

Towards the road now grows a hedge of white lilac, which has its main appearance in May / June. On the remaining area, planting islands with shrubs and grasses are created. Some book plants in between give the front garden structure even in winter.
Most of the plants used bloom from June to fall and have relatively little water. The bedding interstices are covered with a thick layer of crushed stone. This prevents weed growth and at the same time serves as a path through the new front yard.
As early as May, the violet-blue flowers of the Bearded Iris shine next to the lilac. After that, purple toadstalk, magnificent candle and white purple sunhat start into the flower season. Silence poles between the perennials are the ornamental grasses blue oat grass and colorful gloss grass.

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