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Before: The sunny terrace lacks a nice transition to the lawn. In addition, you feel better on the seat, if it is well shielded from unwary looks. It also has a good privacy.

Suggestion 1: A rose garden to dream

Four small rectangular beds form the transition from the terrace to the garden. All are bordered with lavender. In the center of each bed, a red flowering tall rose 'Amadeus' unfolds its lush blossoms. The existing pink flowering Hochstammrose left of the terrace is preserved. The roses are underplanted with white-flowering schistos and scabious, which bloom together until September.

Rose garden with lavender beds

Our first design idea is a rose garden in which the roses are accompanied by rectangular lavender beds

In the beds to the lawn, peonies with soft pink flowers complete the planting. The wrought-iron rose arch between the patio beds conquers the red climbing rose 'Amadeus'. On narrow gravel paths you can go through the small garden part. On both sides of the terrace, high hornbeam hedges are planted, which are always cut in shape. They withstand wind and strangers. They also donate some shade.
The two white wooden benches are accompanied by planted pots, in which red Hochstammrosen 'Mainaufeuer', underplanted with white Pelargonien, set beautiful accents. Evergreen plants such as Buchs cones or a double-ball cypress in the pot complement the noble design for self-confessed romantics at various points on the terrace and in the bed.

Video Board: Rooftop Garden Installation by Life Green Systems.

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