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Hibernate Night Jasmine - Tips: jasmine

The plants are also ideal for planting the balcony or the terrace. About the summertime you should select a half shady location for the plant. In addition Nachtjasmin needs a lot of water. Put the plant in normal potting soil. This should be rich in nutrients for the plant to develop magnificently. If the night jasmine is too big for you, you can shorten it at any time.

Night Jasmine - do not confuse it with real jasmine

The real Jasminoder Jasminum officinale (see picture) is sometimes confused by inexperienced gardeners with the Nachtjasmin, because both have white flowers and both smell really quite strong. However, jasmine smells during the day, and just after jasmine (such as the perfume Bulgari Jasmin Noir), while night jasmine, as the name implies, smells at night. And not after Jasmine, rather after - well, the descriptions go from chewing gum (which?) To peach scent, maybe you know Paco Rabanne Black XS for ladies, there should be night jasmine in it.
Above all, the jasmine but has much larger flowers with a few centimeters in diameter, the flowers of nightjasmine are only about one-tenth of the size. It would be nice if you do not confuse these perfume wonders, also and especially with regard to wintering:
  • The real jasmine comes from the Himalayas, where it can withstand quite a bit of cold at altitudes up to 4000 meters, with us it is only a little frost-sensitive when it gets really bad cold.

  • The night jasmine, on the other hand, comes from the Antilles - the typical one Cestrum nocturnum named shrub grows in Jamaica, and everyone else Cestrum (Bushes) grow in nature only in places where they find tropical or subtropical climate and beautiful wet to wet and hidden locations. If you get these offered with us, z. For example, if they are watered abundantly on a southern wall in the penumbra, they grow quite vigorously in the summer, but in winter they really want to know nothing of our climate.

What hibernation is appropriate?

We tend to "cheat" the tropical climate and night-time jasmine accustomed to year-round growth to the unknown winter, and with this background in mind, you should also weigh and select the above-mentioned wintering opportunities:
If possible, the Night Jasmine will first of all be "wintered" in a heated conservatory, or not wintered, as it will continue to grow just as if it were in Kingston, Jamaica. Since you would have to provide the right light in addition to enormous energy costs in such a "nature identical" hibernation, this is probably rather the exception for exceptional specimens handed over to a nursery with wintering service.
The "next favorite" wintering opportunity for the Night Jasmine gives him as much natural light as possible during the winter. This is the tropical child, of course, much too little, so it is also temperature and nutritionally kept a little shorter and is thus sent into an artificial winter rest. Half the temperature (around 15 degrees), half the amount of water, and the last autumn fertilizer need to last through the winter - the rest period, which the night jasmine lays in its home country according to its own rhythm, is simply prescribed to him, so that he can live well.
The next in our known and recommended for many plants hibernation, the dark hibernation in the cold cellar, is the variant with which the night jasmine gets the worst. If there is no other way, you could try it, but then that is really stress for the plant, which then usually throws off all the leaves.
The more light and heat the nightjasmine gets in the winter, the greener it will stay (in its homeland it is evergreen), and the more normal it will continue to be fed and watered. The easier it starts in the new boom, which begins after an artificially imposed winter break from April or May, depending on the temperature.

So hibernate nighttime jasmine

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the wonderfully fragrant plant for a long time:
  • Night jasmine is usually wintered at 10 to 15 degrees.
  • As an alternative, you can also spend the night Jasmine at room temperature. For this, the plant should be nice and bright.
  • If the night jasmine is too dark and too dry, it will be haunted by spider mites quite quickly. Here you should counteract with appropriate means, which you can acquire in every common tree market.
  • The earth should be kept slightly drier.
  • Do not use additional fertilizer during the break.

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