Planting the North Balcony - Introducing Planting & Care Instructions for the Shadow Balcony

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A horror for every gardener, but still not an insurmountable obstacle: who owns a north or shadow balcony, does not have to give up flowering flowers.

North balconies have to do without sun

Many people have their own garden instead of a balcony, which they usually just like to plant pretty. Decisive for the selection of plants here are the size of the balcony and its orientation. As a rule, most of the balconies have a south, south-west or west orientation. This means that the sun shines here at noon. An even smaller proportion still has a south-east or east orientation (sun in the morning until noon).

Rather rare are pure north-facing balconies, which have to do without direct sunlight. Anyone who owns such a north-facing balcony and is also a passionate gardener is really punished. Because flowers that bloom beautifully on a balcony in the south would be miserable on the north balcony. After all, this is a shade garden, which is why you should only populate it with shadow plants.

Suitable plants for the north balcony

  • Hard-working Lieschen / Edellieschen - undemanding, good growth, available in different colors
  • fuchsia - works particularly well in high humidity
  • hydrangea - Can be kept on a north balcony great as a container plant
  • begonia - Tuber begonias and hanging girdles thrive well in the shade
  • bellflower - Does not like direct sunlight, hanging bluebells suitable for window boxes
  • astilbe - perennial plant, robust, blooms with moist soil over a long period of time
  • boxwood - makes a nice contrast to the flowering plants on the north balcony
  • ferns - perennial plants, look very nice on a balcony

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Care instructions for the shadow balcony

Balcony plants that love the shade are no different from conventional plants. Nevertheless, there is a lot to consider here.

➤ Casting:

Plants planted on a shadow balcony usually require much less water than plants that thrive on a sun balcony. Whether a shadow plant needs water or not, notice the earth. Just put your finger in it. If the earth is moist, you do not need to water yet.

If you water the plants, then you should take care that no waterlogging arises. On a north-facing balcony, the water does not evaporate so quickly.

➤ pick off withered flowers:

As a rule, it promotes the re-emergence of flowers in some plant species when plucking the withered flowers. Since it already has a little more difficulty for shadow plants to fully develop, you should always pluck the withered flowers and leaves from all balcony plants.

➤ Hibernation:

Almost all balcony plants must always be very well protected during the winter months. Cover your plants best with a garden fleece or jute. You should also place container plants on a polystyrene plate and cover the container with a pimple foil and then with a burlap sack.

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