Nordmann fir: growth per year, care and cutting

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Nordmann fir: growth per year, care and cutting: Nordmann

The Nordmann fir is native to the Caucasus and reaches stature heights of up to 60 meters. It was named after the Finnish naturalist Alexander von Nordmann, who owes it to the beautiful tree that came to Central Europe. Here it grows in local gardens up to 25 meters high and up to three meters wide. Even in old age, the lower part of her trunk does not lose its limb, but remains fully loaded.


A Nordmann fir can be recognized by its straight stem, strong needles and symmetrical, pyramidal habit. The lower part of their tribe is always evenly overgrown with branches. As they spread widely, the Nordmann fir is especially suitable for larger lawns. At young age, a Nordmann fir grows very slowly and can therefore initially be pulled as a container plant. Then you can put them into the house for Christmas and have a very evenly grown, spicy-smelling Christmas tree. Older Nordmann firs grow a little faster. On average, the height growth of a Nordmann fir per year is between 25 and 30 centimeters. In width it grows up to 15 cm per year.

What to pay attention to when buying

If you want to plant a northern pine, you can buy a tree from a nursery. Nordmann firs are also commonly available in garden centers and DIY stores. The young specimens are about 160 centimeters tall. For larger trees, the rootstock is already too large to be dug up again. If a Nordmann fir is bought as a potted Christmas tree, then it is less likely to be later planted in the garden because its roots have been shortened for the pot, which complicates outdoor growth.


Shady and partially shaded areas are suitable as locations for the Nordmann fir. Especially young trees do not like bright sunlight. How much sun a Nordmann fir tolerates, however, depends on the variety. Older trees can thrive well in the sun.
The Nordmann fir prefers:
  • Shadow and partial shade
  • northern slopes
  • high humidity
Unfavorable can be
  • strong sunlight
  • icy easterly winds in winter
  • polluted air
at the location of the Nordmann fir.
The Nordmann fir should be planted from the beginning where it should stand forever. The tree belongs to the taproots. This means that its main root grows deep into the soil and can not be removed again later. However, young plants are also suitable for a tub culture, because they grow only a few centimeters a year. For a Nordmann fir planted in a bucket, it is easy to find a shady spot on the terrace.
What should be considered when choosing the location:
  • When placing in front of a hedge or wall, keep a sufficient distance, because later the tree grows wider and forms strong roots
  • unsuitable for smaller gardens because it is up to three meters wide

The ideal floor

Northern pine trees grow well on humus-rich soil enriched with clay. Ideally it should be loose and permeable. Also brown earths are best suited. The Nordmann fir grows on both calcareous and acidic and alkaline soils. The ideal pH is between 5 and 6. Hard and dense soils increase the frost sensitivity of the fir in winter.
  • mild, humus rich clay soil or brown earth
  • fresh, loose, deep soil, which is kept constantly moist
  • no heavy clay soils that are too firm and less permeable to air
  • no compacted soil

When and how to plant

Nordmann fir

By choosing the right location and regular moisturizing of the soil, a pest infestation of Nordmanntanne can be prevented. By nature, the fir is very strong and resistant. In general, older specimens require little care. When the Nordmann fir has the right location and is initially sufficiently watered and fertilized, it grows into a strong, healthy and large tree.
In spring, summer, autumn and winter he wears his evergreen, wonderfully fragrant needle dress, which makes him so popular as a shade for the garden. If you choose not deciduous trees for the front yard, but opt ​​for a noble Nordmann fir, you can save annoying foliage elimination in the fall and has little trouble keeping the lawn clean. In winter, young Nordmann firs should be protected from frost.

winter protection

Adult Nordmann firs are generally hardy. In contrast, young trees are often sensitive to cold easterly winds in winter and late frost in spring. Even strong sunshine of the lower sun can endanger young Nordmann firs. Therefore you should protect them with fleece, straw mats or brushwood from frost and sun. In poorly ventilated soils, there may be a lack of water in winter.

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