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Now sowing lettuce: winter

Leaf lettuce can be sown directly into the bed, but it is easier to prefer it and to put the little plantlets out

When planting lettuce, make sure that the beds are well prepared and have a fine-grained soil structure. Light sandy soil is particularly good, but requires a little more water. The easiest way is to grow the lettuce plants by sowing in multi-pot plates until they are big enough, or you can take ready-made seedlings from the nursery.

Lettuce Merveille

The winter lettuce "Merveille" with attractive red foliage and good lap strength

The leaves of the lettuce plant should be at least an inch above the ground, otherwise the root of the root will easily rot and the plant will not develop properly. Water them regularly and do not fertilize them - it is best to use mature compost. Early treatment with slug pellets limits the feeding damage. The decreasing temperatures in autumn also act as a good snail defense.

Beware of winter lettuces

Preferred winter lettuces are planted in the bed in October. Crucial to the hibernation success is that the plants rooted quickly.

Winter lettuce Waldor

Top winter lettuce variety "Waldor"

Unlike usual, you put the lettuce plantlets a bit deeper in winter lettuce, so that the root ball is one finger wide covered with soil (planting distance 30 x 30 cm). In the case of direct sowing, thinning the rows to the spring, because at a narrower stand the lettuce plants protect each other better against freezing temperatures. From the end of December, protect the salad bed with fleece from balding frosts.

Cold-resistant lettuce heads

Butter-colored "trout salad" develops loose heads with red-spotted leaves and a small but compact and delicate heart.

Winter lettuce Baquieu

Winter lettuce "Baquieu" makes little heads

The winter lettuce "Merveille des quatres saisons", also known as the "miracle of the four seasons" in commerce, is a historical variety originating from France. It is usually planted from spring to autumn, but has also proven itself in hibernation cultivation. "Baquieu" forms only small heads, but is ready for cutting especially early and delivers crisp leaves with a slightly nutty taste. "Waldor" is considered one of the best winter salads and is suitable for rough situations. The sowing takes place between end of August and beginning of September directly in the bed or in small pots with germ-free potting soil.

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