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Children laugh about 300 to 400 times a day, adults only 15 to 17 times. How often dog lovers laugh every day is not known, but we are sure that it occurs at least 1000 times - after all, our four-legged companions prepare us so many friends!
And all this without any effort: You just have to put on a dreamy look like our title dog Paula, splashing happily in the water like playing Fritzi and Bailey or playful games like Mouh and Jackel - and her life friends conjure a smile on our faces.

With "Dog in luck" we want to capture the same joy that dogs give us every day. Whether it's cuddling with mum in the summer garden, enjoying homemade treats or traveling together in the Mecklenburg Lake District. And since, as is known, the small and fine things make the great luck perfect, we have also picked up many interesting products and books for you and your darling, stuck his nose in medicinal plants and oilseed rape, visited the family Süsskind and their five Airedale Terriers at Castle Dennelohe and the Traces of Dekobuch author Imke Johannson and her dog Buddy pursued.
One thing was perceptible in every moment: the happiness of the dogs over their loving home and the happiness of the people over their faithful friends. "Dogs make our lives incredibly rich," all agree. "A life without them is possible, but it's not worth it."
In this sense, the living & garden editors wish you a lot of fun with "dog in luck".

At every turn

From inside to outside and back again: Dogs are always with us everywhere. Dirty paws and wet fur are quite natural - and thanks to resistant floors no problem.

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Make outdoor areas dog friendly

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Five in one go

In the Franconian Unterschwaningen family von Süsskind lives with her Airedales. And in a baroque castle and landscaped park, which serves as a terrific adventure playground and is so big that it does not matter to a sixth dog...

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Five in one go: Download booklet pages as a PDF file

natural pharmacy

For smaller ailments simple home remedies are used, which can be found in the kitchen cabinet or garden.

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Natural Pharmacy: Download folder pages as a PDF file

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