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Children are our future. We all know that, but often we act too little according to this maxim. Children sit for hours in front of the PC or TV, although the garden invites to play with friends and neighbors children. wants to encourage you as a parent with the "Kindergarten" campaign to make the garden, nature and leisure in the fresh air more exciting for your children. This can be done in various ways, e.g. by attaching appropriate play equipment, but also by giving children a nice task that slowly brings them to the garden. In general, common activities in the garden are important.
Gardening with children
Involve your children - light gardening, which promotes the childish joy of discovery, can also be taken over by young gardeners. From about 3 years - sometimes even earlier - children are usually old enough to carry out light gardening.

  • Mini garden tools are ideal for small children's hands. Pay attention to quality in kindergarten equipment.
  • The transport of plant residues to the composter is a pleasure for children.
  • Foliage calculation is also fun together.
  • Older children are happy about a small bed, which they can manage themselves. Help, if necessary, do not direct your young gardener the exact procedure.
  • Grow vegetables and fruits, which brings quick returns, so your mini gardener does not lose the joy of growing. Radishes or sweet lettuce grow relatively fast and are therefore well suited. A snack garden also includes strawberry plants.
Of course, playing and romping should not be neglected - children have to exhaust themselves. For the little ones, it is enormously important that they can let off steam and even get dirty. Which Spielgeräte are particularly suitable and how to make children's toys in their own direction, learn at Our category "Kindergarten" is supplemented by the category "Children's Games". You know a very nice children's game, which is not listed yet? We are happy about tips.

Kindergarten: kindergarten

Build a teepee: how to build an Indian teepee for the garden | DIY

Children are often fascinated by Indians. No wonder, because war paint, feather jewelry and Indian calls are attractive, wild and popular game themes. With an Indian teepee for the garden, the little ones get the matching playhouse. Our guide shows how it is built.

Kindergarten: children

Is the lantana poisonous? - To be followed in children and pets

The flowers look adorable as they gradually change their color. It is proudly nurtured and cared for by plant lovers. The name Lantana sounds so cute, so innocent. But appearance is deceptive. It is poisonous through and through.

Toxic plants for children

Kindergarten: children

Make itchy powder yourself - with and without rosehip

As a child, you do not worry so much about who the person you are joking with is; he is ill, mentally unstable or maybe in a difficult phase of life. At a young age, you are just happy with the happy joke, enjoy the rest of the day with your friends and tell the story with the itching powder again and again.


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