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If in your garden, despite careful care, nothing really thrives, this may be due to the soil quality. Now a nutrient analysis is appropriate!

A nutrient analysis leaves gardeners more effective

Even with a lot of experience, it is not always easy for a hobby gardener to properly assess the realistic nutrient supply in the soil. Despite good light conditions and actually good soil type, plants take care of themselves or even get illnesses. In this case, only a nutrient analysis provides clarity. Phosphate and potassium are indispensable for optimal garden soil, but these values ​​are often underestimated by hobby gardeners.

Why do a nutrient analysis?

To find the reason for the no longer well-growing plants, or even looking after the lawn, there is only one nutrient analysis. Not infrequently, the pH value in the soil is too high, as a result, important nutrients are no longer available to the plants. About every three to five years, experts recommend carrying out a nutrient analysis. The main focus is on the content of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, but also other trace elements.

Where to analyze nutrients?

The agricultural research and research institutes, called LUFA for short, carry out the analyzes. If you would like to carry out a soil analysis, you can contact the VDLUFA in Darmstadt. There you will receive all important information about the process and also about the costs of a nutrient analysis. The soil analysis always makes sense in the period between autumn and the following spring.

Beware of fertilizer
Immediately after fertilization, you should not do any nutrient analysis because of falsified values.

Video Board: How to test your garden soil for pH & nutrients using a soil testing kit.

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