Detect nutrient deficiency in plants

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Light leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen

On nutrient deficiency is at plants not immediately to see, because they show him only after a few weeks. Therefore, you have to react quickly at the first sign. Depending on how the leaves or the whole plant behave, you can also close certain deficiencies.

Leaves are pale in color
If the leaves get a pale color and the plants do not bloom, then there is a nitrogen deficiency. This can only be remedied by mixing some fertilizer into the water.

Leaves are spotted
If the leaves are not only lightened, but also blotchy, then this is a sign of magnesium deficiency. Here you need a fertilizer that contains trace elements.

Leaves are light yellow in color
If the leaves are light yellow in color, but the veins remain green, this indicates an acute iron deficiency. This can only be remedied with a special iron fertilizer. Petunias often suffer from it.

Brown leaf margins
Brown leaf margins testify to potassium deficiency. If you regularly use a high-quality fertilizer, this should not occur first, because all important nutrients are included here. After fertilizing, it may take a few weeks for the plant to recover.

Video Board: A Beginners Guide: Nutrient Deficiency.

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