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The oleander stands for the letter "O" of our glossary, and therefore also for all potted plants to which the oleander in our latitudes usually belongs.
Only if you are fortunate to live in one of the very friendly temperate regions of Germany, you can decorate with your Oleander not only in the spring and summer garden and terrace, but leave it in winter with some protection outside. The average climate in Germany, however, in the Mediterranean or in the Orient-based plants such as the oleander rather not weighed, it includes the climate zones 6 and 7, thus threatening minus temperatures of minus 12 degrees to about minus 20 degrees. Those who do not like these plants at all, even a single day that they are exposed to such temperatures, could usually kill these very decorative plants.
Our glossary directs you to the individual potted plants and their special needs, in addition to oleander, agaves, many palm trees and citrus plants usually have to be kept in the pail. Bamboo and bougainvillea, leadwort and bridal myrtle, clematis and angel trumpets, honeysuckle, pomegranate and hibiscus and cassia, laurel and olive tree, rosemary and lilac, shrub margarites, roses and many others are also planted in a tub.
All in all, our garden centers and the internet offer several hundred species of exotic plants that can only survive in the bucket, ie outdoors in the summer and protected in the winter in the house. However, as you can see in the selection just mentioned, plants are also kept in the bucket because they look particularly decorative in the bucket and can be easily adjusted. These plants also want to be treated differently than potted plants, as if they grow outdoors, you should over time in the respective entries in the Glossary find the appropriate information on each plant (if that takes you to a certain plant too long Please send us an e-mail).

O like oleander: potted

Oleander does not bloom - buds do not budge - what to do?

He is now one of the most popular potted plants - the oleander. No wonder: with its flowers, it is a summer ornament for every garden. All the more disappointing if the oleander does not bloom or the buds do not open. What this is and what you can do about it, is here.

Olea europaea - care, attitude as bonsai and wintering

More and more olive trees are native to Central European gardens. Not only have they been cultivated exclusively in containers, but they have also been planted out.

Video Board: Mother Mother - Oleander.

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