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Undoubtedly one of the rarities in the hydrangea area is the oak leaf hydrangea. The ornamental plant owes its name to its leaves, which closely resemble the leaves of the oak tree. The plant rarity, which is known under the botanical name Hydrangea quercifolia, can grow up to two feet high and wide. The oak leaf hydrangea is best suited for planting in the field, a bucket attitude of upright, but still bushy growing hydrangea is generally possible, but less recommendable.
Care of the oak leaf hydrangea

The dull green leaves of the oak leaf hydrangea drive about May. At the end of the season the color of the foliage changes, so the green foliage turns into an intense red splendor in autumn.

The slightly fragrant flowers of oak-leaved hydrangea show from July to September. Initially, the flowers are creamy white, in the course of the very bright flowers, however, so that in autumn pink flowers grace the oak leaf hydrangea.

It likes sunny to partially shaded locations and prefers humus-rich and well drained soil, which is neutral to sour. Regular mulching around the root area is recommended.

It is also important to water the hydrangea sufficiently. Like all hydrangeas, Hydrangea quercifolia needs a lot of water.

Especially in the spring, a fertilizer is recommended. Organic whole fertilizer is well suited for this.

Oak leaf hydrangea - cutting & wintering

The Eichblatt hydrangea is well cut tolerant, but does not necessarily have to be blended. Sprouted shoots can be regularly removed in spring if necessary. These do not necessarily have to be thrown away. They are also well-suited to the design of dry bouquets.

The oak leaf hydrangea is hardy, but young plants should be protected, especially in regions where very cold winters prevail. Fleece, but also jute sacks and brushwood are good for winter protection.

Container plants, which are about half a meter high, cost around 20.00 euros.

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