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Oak Wood - Prices, Buy, Features - Oak wood


Oak wood has a grayish brown heartwood in the middle, in which a tannic acid is embedded. This creates the typical smell of oak wood that almost everyone knows. The sapwood of the oak is rather light and rots after a few years.
The density of the wood of the oak is 0.65 g / cm³.
This makes it very hard and can be used excellently for furniture such as tabletops, floors or veneers. Since the wood is very weather-resistant and durable for many years, it can also be used in more humid areas, such as a post on a meadow.
The danger that the wood rots is relatively small. In addition, oak wood is rarely infested with woodworms. Therefore, it is also used in shipbuilding. It can also be used very well as a parquet or for exterior doors and thresholds. Half-timbered houses are also often built with oak beams.
Also, you can use the wood of the oak very well as firewood because the price is not too high and the calorific value of the oak wood relatively high. Oak burns for a long time and rarely sparks. Therefore, it is very suitable for tiled stoves. However, if you use beechwood or other firewood, you will get a nicer flame in most cases.
Oak trees are grown mainly in Central Europe. You can find them mostly in
Forests. The main use is the use as lumber.
There are different types of oaks. The most widespread in Central Europe are pedunculate oaks and sessile oaks. The white oak is also used frequently, especially in shipbuilding. Oak trees are so resistant
against moisture, that they can even exist in moors for decades. This wood is also very much used for further processing, as it gets a very special coloring.
The fact that the tannic acid combines with the salts from the water, the wood is particularly hard. Such bog oaks can be several thousand years old.
Buy oak wood
Since oak is so widespread and there is a very high demand for oak wood as timber but also for the manufacture of furniture, it is available almost everywhere. You will find oak wood in every hardware store and in every wood specialist shop. On request, you can also get the wood exactly tailored to the size in which you need it.
So if you want to build a roof truss, for example, you can already have the slats cut into the right size. So they have no problems with it later.
Oak wood is a relatively cheap to medium-lasting wood. Which is probably also due to the extremely large cultivation. Oak is the most commonly used timber in Europe. In contrast to other types of wood, such as mahogany, it is not considered to be particularly exclusive. Nevertheless, it is not frowned upon as cheap.
For a while, oak furniture was very modern. You could buy them everywhere under the name "rustic oak" and admire them in every apartment. You will also find numerous online shops that offer you oak wood at good prices and from a certain minimum order value to free delivery. Here it is worthwhile, especially with large quantities, to compare the prices exactly. Because a lot can be saved.

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