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If you are fortunate enough to have your own fruit, you will have to process and preserve it from a certain amount, as it can no longer be consumed fresh and stored.
Before pressing for fruit juice extraction or mashing for the production of delicious spirits, the processing in the fruit purée or fruit chopper is:
What does a fruit sauce do?
A fruit or fruit chopper crushes your fruit to give you the best results for pressing or mashing

deliver. The cut size is usually designed for optimal juice yield and can be adjusted occasionally. The Obstmuser has a funnel, through which it is filled with your fruit. The parts that come into contact with the fruit should be made of stainless steel or plastic, a fruit harvester should be easy to disassemble and clean. Then you only need to sharpen the blades from time to time so that your fruit is always ready for use.
What kind of fruit for which fruit?
Every type of fruit wants to be prepared differently for juicing, and the degree of ripeness can also dictate a different treatment. So you should ask each fruit-maker what type of fruit he is best for. If you do not want to process just one type of fruit, but pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries, you usually need a musician to change the knives. It also depends on what you plan to do after crushing the fruit, so when you ask before buying the appliance, you should mention the full range of your intended fruit processing.
Prices for Obstmuser
A hand-operated berry mill with 8 liter funnel content is already available for about 140, - Euro. It is intended to produce an impressive 100 kg grinding capacity per hour - the squeeze rollers are made of food-grade plastic.
If the squeeze rolls are made of food grade aluminum and not plastic, it will be a bit more expensive: A fruit and berry mill with a funnel volume of 7 liters is available for about 280, - Euro, with a capacity of 10 liters for almost 370, - Euro, If the larger mill is to be supported by an engine, it costs just under 940, - Euro. The smaller mill is suitable for grapes and berries, the 10-liter mill has a larger grinder and handles apples and pears.
The mills throw out the optimal mash for a high juice yield during pressing, the two grinding rollers work in uneven motion. So they are equipped with a suitable toothing and ribbing, so that they grasp the fruits very quickly, the larger mill grinds 10 kg of pome fruit in about 4 minutes (without motor). All parts that come in contact with the fruits are made of stainless material, which consists of plastic, acid-proof cast aluminum and hardwood in these models.
A well-known and popular device is the MTD Musermax, the fruit chopper is suitable by additional plastic knives for stone and pome fruit. Of course, every cutting tool is food safe. The Musermax has a 1,500-watt motor and a powder-coated steel housing. He is 126 cm high, weighs about 19 kg and costs about 400, - Euro.
If you have a bit more fruit to work with, you might like a muser made of stainless steel, an electric stainless steel fruit mill is offered from about 460, - Euro. A very powerful device is available from around 880, - Euro, here the fruit is processed very quickly to press mash. Such devices have a large reinforced hopper made of stainless steel and stainless steel blades. They also have an engine of 1,500 or 1,600 watts, but can handle over 500 kg per hour, as surely no harvest remains unprocessed.
Trader and manufacturer of fruit trees
Various smaller Obstmuser has z. B. Motorgeräte Fischer GmbH from 77933 Lahr on offer, fischer-lahr.de, Although the name does not expect that, there are also various hand-operated devices and, of course, a selection of electric fruit pieces. The MTD Musermax sold z. The company Heimwerkershop-Hackl from 94522 Haidlfing, heimwerkershop-hackl.de.
An impressive selection of fruit and berry mills in various sizes is carried out by the Kellereibedarf Knopf GmbH from 3033 Altlengbach, Austria, holzeis.com, There you will also find the matching cherry pitter and probably all the accessories you need to make something made from anything grown in nature a ready to eat and durable treat.
If you are planning to build an entire fruit farm, you will find the right machines at ReKru GmbH Brennerei-Kellereibedarf in 88079 Kressbronn, rekru.de.
Conclusion of the editorship
For every fruit and a lot of fruit, there is the right kind of fruit, but you should thoroughly check the devices before you buy so that you can find the right device for your needs.
  • If you are more concerned with fruit quantities that do not justify spending three digits on a fruit crusher, you might be able to build a fruit mill yourself - there are a few ideas for home-grown food.
  • Or take a look around which other machines you could use as a fruit sauce, here too there are plenty of options, maybe a suitable machine already exists in your household.
  • If the idea of ​​large quantities of fruit, which you need to shred as quickly as possible, is generally unsympathetic, then there is still the way to the next fruit-processing sales. In many communities, there are companies that have a fruit orchard in operation, this does not always have to be a Lohnomaterei. In any business that needs to make fruit small for processing, you might be able to chop or grind your fruit for a fee.
  • This can be very cheap: chop fruit and also press it, so you get your own juice plus pomace again right away, is offered from 8 cents per liter (but in an amount of about 1,000 liters). But beware: In the vicinity of large cities, there are certainly Lohnmostereien, calling for this performance 80 cents per liter.

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