Renew old lawn - this guide shows how to do it!

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Small, bare spots in the lawn can be easily repaired. Unfortunately, that's not enough for an extremely matted and mossy lawn - here renewal is in order.

renew old lawn

Finally, she starts again, the "real" garden season, because the first warm days of the year lure us immediately outside. Of course there were tasks in the fall and even in winter that needed to be done. Spring and summer are for every hobby gardener but still the most beautiful seasons. However, frost and too many rain showers have also left their mark, which is especially noticeable in the otherwise green lawn. Where halm sprouted on stalks, bald spots are now suddenly visible or almost nothing is visible from the lawn anymore, because moss and weeds have become wide.
Now good advice is expensive, because you do not want to leave the lawn in any case. First, consider whether the "misery" can be remedied by scarifying. If this is not the case, the lawn needs to be renewed. The step-by-step instructions below tell you what to look for and how to do it best.


  • 1 Step 1 - Remove the old lawn
  • 2 Step 2 - Clean the surface
  • 3 Step 3 - Level and compact the floor
    • 3.1 Straight or not?
    • 3.2 Smooth the floor - but how?

Step 1 - Remove old lawn

Motor hoe motor milling machine

Best time: Spring April / May or fall, at temperatures around 10 degrees.

That sounds like a lot of effort, but it has to be so that the new turf can develop well again. Which tool you use depends on the size of your lawn. Small, manageable surfaces can be tapped with a spade. For larger areas, this method would take too long and take you to your physical limits. Do this task easier and faster with engine power. It is important that the old tufts, including moss and weeds, are completely lifted out of the ground, so the roots have to go out. The best way to do that is with a tiller whose blades turn both forward and backward.
The 6 hp tiller from, for example, is ideal for this and can be rented quite simply for days or weeks. The forward and backward run also makes it possible to "tear open" particularly hard clods of soil, freeing them from the old turf. Positive side effect: The soil is loosened up directly.

Tip: If you mow the old lawn again before doing this action, you will have to lower down later.

Step 2 - Clean the surface

Of course, matted lawn parts, moss and weeds can not stay on the chopped ground. They would give the new lawn plenty of room and power to grow, and also look ugly. So now is the time to clear off those leftovers. This works best with a normal garden rake.

Tip: Just wait a half day. Dried grass, moss, etc. is easier to remove than damp.

Step 3 - Level and compact the ground

If the surface is clean, it must be straightened. That's important, so no later moguls arises. But not only holes and hills should be compensated, also the area itself always runs in the best case the same height, that is, it does not fall off to either side. However, if your property or newly created lawn is located on a slope, only the bumps are compensated.

Straight or not?

The best way to test this with a Schnoor├╝st. Insert small wooden wedges into the earth, to which a long string is attached. This is then stretched across the lawn - stay as far as possible on the soil. If this method is not enough for you, you can now use a spirit level to check for serious differences in altitude. These are then balanced with the help of a rake. Incidentally, larger amounts of soil can be distributed wonderfully with the rake back.

Smooth the bottom - but how?

Sowing lawn

After holes and height differences are balanced, the floor must still be smoothed or compacted. Usually, a lawn roller is used for this purpose.

The roller is filled with water on site and thus receives the required weight. If you do not want to buy a roller, you can do it differently. Take a large board or wooden pallet and attach a rope to it. Now pull your home-made "smoothing machine" evenly across the new lawn. Although the weight is not comparable to that of a roller, the smoothing effect is almost as good.

When everything is compacted, the soil is easily "loosened" again with a rake. This creates a visually appealing, and for the following sowing of the new lawn, perfectly prepared ground.

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