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grass mixtures
In Germany there are DIN standards for lawn mixtures. These are named separately for each use - for ornamental, carpet, play or shadow lawns.
If you want to sow your lawn yourself, you have the opportunity to have a mixture of individual wishes. However, few retailers are willing to make that effort, which is only worthwhile when it comes to the need for larger areas. To green a small garden, one is usually best served with the commercial mixtures.
seedbed preparation

  1. Clumps of earth are broken with a roller or by even pounding over the entire surface. Then pick up stones and roots-
  2. If the seedbed is smooth and level, roll again, twice in opposite directions.
  3. Solidify the soil again 1 week later. After that, the situation is criss-crossed and the process repeated.
  4. Finally, you work about 1 handful of universal lawn fertilizer / square meter with the rake. Before sowing or laying, the soil must rest for about a week.
Sow grass
Pluck sprouted wild herbs, then break off lumps and stones. Then the surface must be leveled. When sowing by hand, streaks are staked out with strings. Spread a precisely calculated seed quantity in two opposite gears.
First care measures
The approximately 4 cm high lawn is carefully turned away without scratching the delicate seedbed. Snails are collected. Freshly accumulated grass is easily rolled, for example, with the roller of a cylinder mower whose knives are raised. Carefully mow about 6 months after sowing.
Laying of turf
  1. Create first row along one edge and press firmly.
  2. Place a board on the first row, proceeding with the next one.
  3. The board is placed on the second row and the third one started, etc.
  4. The finished turf is lightly rolled all over.
  5. Turn loose grass and roots with a brush.
  6. Finally, pierce edges with an edge piercer or flat spade.
  7. Roundings are cut with a sharp knife as the tip of a self-made circle. Do this fine-tuning work only when you are done laying.
Fertilization and topical application
  1. In order to prevent the turf from atrophying or burning at the other extreme, you should fertilize regularly. To do this, you raster the surface with bamboo sticks or with pegs and string.
  2. Grained fertilizer can be spread well with the spreader. It is pulled in parallel lanes over the lawn, the intersection of the tracks may make up the width of the wheels maximum.
  3. The head fertilizer is a mixture of sieved loam soil, leaf compost, peat, garden compost and sharp-grained sand, which was applied at least 1 year earlier (half a bucket per square meter)
  1. To aerate the lawn in early autumn, it is evenly perforated with a grave fork 7,5 - 10 cm deep. This improves the water drainage and loosens up the floor.
  2. More efficient ventilation is achieved with hollow tines that push the earth upwards. You return the grafts and work with the rake sand in the holes.
  3. For larger areas, a lawn fan is suitable in which metal mandrels are mounted on a horizontal axis which punctures the grass grain when pushed.
Raking, rolling and sweeping
  1. With a leaf sweeper, the lawn can be cleaned best before the first mowing in the spring. It is also ideal for gently detangling the turf in autumn.
  2. In winter, frost caused by unevenness can be smoothed in the spring with the roller, in summer, however, they would only be reinforced in this way.
  3. With the brush, the lawn is cleaned of leaves and plant remains in autumn. This broom is also used to remove piles of soil and dew before mowing.
If these first preparations are made, it is possible to start sowing grass seed or laying turf. This should be done conscientiously, only with perfect laying / sowing you will have joy over years of his new lawn. Once the lawn has grown, it's time to take care of it, because that is the only way the lawn will thrive in the long term. In addition to the swell of the lawn in the spring, over watering to the mowing of the lawn once a week - there is plenty to do. Anyone who slips this will quickly notice the quality of his lawn.
Special care should come to the lawn when they go on vacation. Many lawn owners make the mistake of cutting the lawn extremely short before they leave, but this tends to do the opposite and may cause the lawn to be burned by the sun. It is better after the return from the two- or three-week holiday to cut the lawn several times to bring him back to the desired height.Very helpful in this context are lawn mowers that have a cutting height adjustment. This allows them to mow their lawns individually and thus optimally care for them. In the winter months it is advisable to load the lawn as little as possible and sweep up flying leaves. Mowing the lawn into late autumn, only when the growth is set, the lawn mower has its deserved break.

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