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The oleander (Nerium oleander) is one of the most popular potted plants. He is loved for his Mediterranean flowers and appreciates his robustness. Leave the southerners on the terrace for as long as possible in the autumn: the Mediterranean plant easily tolerates light frosts down to minus five degrees Celsius. If you live in a region with a very harsh climate, you should take the oleander as a precaution in time for winter quarters, or at least pack it up well.

Preparations for the winter

Before the oleander can move to the winter quarters, some care measures are pending: The container plant is cleaned, checked for pests, the surface of the root ball is freed from weeds. If there is a shortage of space in winter quarters, a slight pruning is also recommended. Remove bare or too long shoots near the ground. If you have no space problems, then wait with the cut better until spring.

The ideal winter accommodation for the oleander

As an evergreen plant, the oleander likes to keep it bright even in winter. Therefore, a cold conservatory or an unheated greenhouse - a so-called cold house - is the perfect setting for the winter. If you do not have a cold house, you can make do with a cold cellar. The rule of thumb is that the darker the room, the lower the hibernation temperature must be. Even with good exposure, a low temperature is recommended, because the oleander is otherwise easily attacked by scale insects. Ideal are two to ten degrees Celsius.

Oleander overwinter

Before the temperatures fall below -5° C, it's time to pack the oleander frost-proof or bring it to winter quarters

It is also important that the room where the oleander stands is well ventilated. With a weekly check, you can respond quickly and prevent worse if you have been attacked by scale insects and other pests. Occasional pouring is quite sufficient over the winter months - the bale just can not completely dry out.

Tip: If you do not have a suitable winter accommodation, then just ask one of the local nurseries. Some offer a hibernation service for tub plants, which is usually affordable for the thinner budget. In addition, your oleander will be optimally cared for there.

Winter oleanders overwinter outside

Those who are at home in a winter-friendly region can usually overwinter their oleander outdoors with a few protective measures. The mildest climate zones in Germany are the coastal region of the North Sea including the islands, the Ruhr area, the Lower Rhine, the Rhine-Main area, the Mosel valley and the Upper Rhine Graben.

Oleander in full bloom

So that your oleander blooms so well again next year, a good winter protection is important

For hibernation on a sheltered balcony or on the terrace, you should pay attention to a good soil isolation of the planter. To do this, place the bucket on a polystyrene plate and tie up the branches of the oleander with sisal cord to save space. Wrap the bucket best with bubble wrap or a thick coir mat and protect the shoots and leaves with a breathable plastic fleece hood. Remember to leave an opening, as the evergreen oleander must be watered every now and then in winter even in mild weather. Back the well-packed bucket as close as possible to a sheltered house wall, which should also have a small canopy. If you hibernate several potted plants outside, you should keep the pots close together so that the plants can protect each other from the cold. If the weather forecast announces a prolonged period of severe frost, you should store your oleander in the garage at short notice until the temperatures get milder again.

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