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Inspired by a holiday in France, where oleander shrubs bloom all over the streets and gardens, last year I bought this magical pot plant in a nursery. The Mediterranean plant could enjoy the Baden summer on the sunny terrace and rewarded me with months of flowers. I even managed to hibernate in the bright, but cool cellar and after repotting in the spring and regular liquid fertilizer, the oleander has once again developed splendidly. So good that I was able to cut some cuttings this year.

So I increased my oleander with cuttings

choose young shoot for the cutting

Shorten shoot for the cutting

Cut the cut (left) and then cut it in (right). Pay attention to a clean cut

Already at the end of June, I chose oleander side shoots without flowers and cut off some of them about 20 centimeters long shoot tips with a sharp knife. Incidentally, these also occur when the container plant is cleared in spring or late summer. Then I cut off the side shoot just below a leaf knot (the so-called Nodium) at a shallow angle.

Remove lower leaves on the shoot

Oleander cuttings in the teacup

Carefully remove the lower leaves by hand (left) and place the cutting in fresh water (right)

I picked up some of the lower leaves. In this way, the evaporation surface is reduced and it does not cause the leaves to rot in the water. For rooting, I put the cuttings in a glass of water. On the shelf in the kitchen I had the offspring constantly in view and regularly exchanged the water.

rooted oleander cuttings

planted oleander cuttings

After a few weeks, roots have formed (left). The rooted cuttings are placed in pots of container potting soil and placed very brightly (right)

After only two weeks small nodules became visible at the interface, after one month strong white roots had grown. And that was the time to potty. In order to save space, I first planted two to three cuttings with container potting soil into slightly larger clay pots. Now I hope that they will grow well and I can separate them next year - and that they will soon be just as big and blooming as the mother plant.

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Because the rooting worked so well in June, I cut some cuttings again at the weekend. Customers for small oleander shrubs can always be found among friends or neighbors. Finally, a tip: If the shoot tips of the young oleander branches off next spring, the plants branch off better at the base and grow up to a bushy container plant.

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