Cultivate olive tree in the pot - How to properly supply the Mediterranean plant

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Olive trees are known from the Mediterranean, but can just as well be kept in pots here in Germany. Provided: you pay attention to important care instructions.

Growing the olive tree in a pot - How to properly feed your Mediterranean plant

In the southern countries, the olive trees are almost on every corner and thrive without much care without any problems. In this country it is often planted in pots, as they can be transported easier. Because like many other Mediterranean plants, the olive tree must be protected from the bad weather conditions and cold temperatures in Central Europe.

Nevertheless, an olive tree planted in a tub is relatively undemanding. He even forgives some care mistakes, but not all. To enjoy your olive tree for many years, it is important to adhere to the following care instructions.

5 tips: How to grow your olive tree magnificently


Olive trees thrive in warm, bright places. A full sun in the garden is best suited as a location, but also on the balcony on the south side of the house, the Mediterranean plants feel comfortable.

Soil and water requirement:

Water your olive tree rather sparingly. Standing wet is far more dangerous than dryness, which should not last longer than a few days. As far as the soil conditions are concerned, the olive tree is very adaptable. Loamy or sandy soils from their garden are accepted as well as ordinary potting soil. If the olive tree is in a nutrient-poor substrate, you should fertilize it moderately between March and September.


Olive trees grow slowly. They can remain in the same bucket until the substrate is completely rooted and the roots grow through the holes in the bottom of the vessel. When repotting, use a bucket with a quarter more volume than the one used previously. The bale should rather sit high in the substrate, so that the roots have enough space to reach down.

To cut:

A step back from olive trees to increase yields is unusual in Germany. The summers are in this country with a few exceptions anyway too short and too cool for the full ripeness of olives. With the ornamental plants it depends above all on the optical effect and healthy growth of the plant:

❶ Regularly remove all the lower side shoots of the olive tree, if you want a clear, aesthetically pleasing demarcation of trunk and crown.

❷ Make the olive tree so strong that the individual shoots do not touch each other. Cut inside rather than outside. They then catch the shoots, which in any case get little light.

❸ Remove all dead parts of the olive tree.

❹ Leave the main drive or trunk intact.

❺ Cut back the olive tree in early spring before beginning the growth phase.


Wait until the olive tree has got the first night frost. Only then does the move to winter quarters take place. The reason: Light frost does not harm the olive tree, but kills any pests that may be present. Choose a cool, but frost-free, as well as bright location in the house. Return the bucket to the outside as soon as no minus degrees are expected.

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