To grow olive trees - this is how it works with cuttings and seeds

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You love the Mediterranean flair, what your olive tree sprays in your garden? Then just multiply it. It's easier than you think, and you can enjoy more of the Mediterranean atmosphere in your backyard.

Olive tree propagate - How it works through cuttings and seeds

The Mediterranean olive tree is used as a container plant in more and more gardens, on terraces and balconies collection. No wonder, he sprayed without much around Mediterranean flair. That some people can not get enough of it is only too understandable. How about another copy to expand the view?

Olive trees can easily be multiplied by yourself. This works by means of cuttings and even with the seed kernel of the olive itself. Although this takes a little longer, but with plenty of care and heat works that too.

Olive tree propagate - 2 possibilities presented

Propagation by cuttings

➤ For propagation with cuttings young, not yet woody branches of an olive tree are optimally suited. In spring, cut shoots that are five to ten centimeters long and ideally have some eyes. The cutting edge should be as inclined as possible.

➤ Then remove the lower leaves of the offshoot. Then the cuttings comes in a pot with potting soil. Do not get too deep, then the new roots will develop better.

➤ Now all you have to do is sprinkle lightly, put the pot warm - ideal are temperatures around 25° Celsius - and keep the soil moist in the next few weeks, then soon small leaves show up. The leaflets are a sign that roots have formed on the cutting.

Here is a little video tutorial:


The olive tree grows very slowly. So he stays best in the first year in the potting pot. If the pot is big enough, you can wait longer to move it. The pot size should be adapted to the growth, in too large pots, the roots grow too fast. As a rule of thumb (even later, when the olive tree is in the bucket on the terrace): The pot should be about one-third larger than the treetop.

If the young plant is strong enough, you can put the pot well in the summer in the summer. Planting outdoors is only advisable if you live in a very mild climate. The olive tree in the tub is better off.

Propagation by seed kernel

One thing first: olives from the glass or even from the martini glass are not suitable. So plan a holiday in Tuscany or ask at a nursery, if you get fresh, fully ripe olives. Germination is different. In addition, it can happen that only wild animals develop.

➤ Remove the kernel from the pulp and place it in lukewarm water overnight. To better germinate the core, sand it lightly with sandpaper.

➤ Now the core comes into a pot of potting soil. You can put several seeds in a pot, because often not all seeds germinate. Over the seed kernels comes a thin layer of earth. Always keep the substrate slightly damp. The pot is best kept in a warm and bright place. A temperature of at least 25° Celsius is optimal.

➤ Now it's time to wait! It may take a few weeks for the cores to start to none. The greater the joy when the first tender shoot tips show.

Also a little video tutorial:

Short Summary:

  • Cut young shoots and use as cuttings
  • Always keep the cultivation soil moist
  • Put the pot warm and bright
  • Soak ripe olives, grind and place in potting soil

Video Board: How to grow Olive tree from cutting.

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