Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure

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Depending on the garden style, you can choose different types of stone: pavers look beautiful in country house gardens. Natural stones such as granite are just as suitable in natural gardens as they are in modern designs. You will find a wide selection of colors and shapes in the concrete blocks, which are also available in colored and natural stone look.

Turn one into two

Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: stones

It takes practice to divide paving stones. First mark the division line with chalk. Then work the marked line with the miter and chisel until the stone breaks. Remember an eye protection: it can jump off stones splinters!
Step by step: Simply build your own bedding border

Measuring and digging

Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: enclosure

Lay three stones next to each other to determine the later border width. The stones are placed as close together as possible. Cut a wooden lath of the appropriate length. The piece of wood serves as a bar. Use the wooden lath to measure the width of the bedding border and mark it with a spade or a pointed stick. Then dig out the marked trench about twice as deep as the height of the stone.

Fix and compact

Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: stones

A layer of gravel gives the enclosure a stable base. Work up the material so that the paving stone and a layer of sand and cement about 3 cm thick still have room. Compacting: The ballast layer is compacted with a heavy object, such as a sledgehammer. Then spread the sand-cement mixture. Mixing ratio: one part of cement and four parts of sand

Laying and height control

Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: stone

When laying in the sand-cement mixture, the stones are carefully tapped with the handle of a fist to the height of the lawn. The rows of stones are embarrassing; the joints should not be contiguous. Caution, curve: When cornering, make sure that the joints do not become too wide. If necessary, insert a three-quarter stone in the inner row. This keeps the optimum gap between the joints.

on end

Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: beautiful

Install the third row of stones diagonally upright. After some stones are set, check with another stone the distance of the sloping stones to each other. Tap the stones carefully.


Finished on a weekend: home-made bed enclosure: beautiful

To give the upright stones more support, the back stone row receives a back support made of a sand-cement mixture, which is firmly pressed with a trowel and bevelled backwards.

Material & Tool

Building materials per meter of bed enclosure:
about 18 stones (stone length: 20 cm),
20 kg of gravel,
8 kg mason sand,
2 kg of cement (suitable is Portland cement with the strength class Z 25).
Butchers, chalk, beveled chisel, wooden lath, spade, pointed stick, wheelbarrow, trowel, spirit level, small broom, possibly working gloves and a sturdy plastic foil; Eye protection when splitting paving stones.

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