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Orchidaceae orchids Oncidium

Both groups their hunger for light is common, a very bright window to the west or east offers good conditions. But direct midday sun would make the delicate orchids as bad as lack of light in winter, which can then be punished with dropping the flowers.
Orchids want to be cast with temperature in mind, the warmer the stronger. Once the bale is almost dried out, the plants need water, but waterlogged oncidia does not like it at all. But pretty much humidity, between 40 and 70 percent. If your apartment is in the lower area, you should spray the orchids daily with water (but not too much, on wet days rather before looking at the hygrometer, so that the gem does not begin to rot). Fertilization takes place during growth with every third watering with common orchid fertilizer. The Oncidien in the rest period need only three times fertilizer. When it's time to repot, spring is the best time.

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Video Board: How to care for Oncidium Orchids and Intergenerics - watering, fertilizing, reblooming.

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