One-off and running costs for the Koi pond

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One-off and running costs for the Koi pond: running

Decisive is, of course, the size of the pond and what material it consists. The size of the pond system determines not only the initial cost, but also the maintenance. One major item is the technology, the entire filter system and everything else. Of course, the entire design of the pond and the border is important. The fish are usually not cheap either. So it all comes together.

One time costs

The one-time costs refer to the creation of the pond, from the planning (if you entrust yourself to a specialist), the digging of the pit, the creation of the pond and the installation of the entire technology, to the purchase of Koi. These costs are quite high, depending on how much can be done yourself and how many professionals you have to pay. For beginners who are less experienced and have no relationships, purchasing technology can be expensive, depending on whether you're looking for a reputable salesman or someone who wants to skim just once. There are big differences. To find out, it is worthwhile to first read the topic Koi and their needs.

pond construction

A koi pond should hold at least 5,000 liters of water, 10,000 would be better. Koi do not like to be alone, so you should buy a larger group, at least 5 animals, better more. Koi grow vigorously, this must be taken into account. The pond should be at least 1.80 m deep, so that even in winter a temperature of around 4° C is reached. One calculates with 1,000 liters of water per Koi, better is however 3,000. The volume determines the water quality, the water temperature, the care and energy expenditure, the construction costs and the maintenance costs. In construction, it depends on what everything can be done and what needs to be done by specialist companies. Even digging up can be a problem, as well as the question of where to go with the excavation. Are machines (excavators) needed and a truck for transporting the earth? For large ponds, there is a lot together. Even if the floor has to be smoothed, costs are incurred. If steep bank sections are cemented or the ground is too thick because of the stones, that costs extra. Pond foil can be laid by yourself or laid. This is especially advisable if it has to be welded on site.
  • Prefabricated pond made of GRP - 11,000 liters for about 2,500 euros
  • Foil duck - has a major disadvantage, because of the wrinkles, which arise during installation, it can not be cleaned sufficiently. In the folds settle germs, which often lead to illnesses. The film should be at least 1 mm thick, better 1.2 or 1.5 mm
  • 1mm thick PVC film - from 3.50 euros per m²
  • 1 mm thick PE foil - from 4 euros (4.20) per m²
  • 1mm thick EPDM film - from 7 Euro per m²
  • Protective fleece - about 1.5 euros per m²
  • GFK - individually created pond - you need at least 3 layers of fiberglass mats (450g / m²) - one kg polyester resin + 1 m² of this fiberglass mat cost from plenty of 10 euros
  • Removal of soil - 7 cbm container - about 100 euros
  • Concrete pond, reinforced with at least one layer of fiberglass - often the most expensive variant, if you can not wall yourself - prices depending on the stones used, the cbm concrete cost construction site about 100 euros, in addition there are screed mats for stability and of course polyester resin and fiberglass mats
Overall, the pond structure is usually the most expensive in Koihaltung. But you should do it right the first time, so you save yourself from having to repair and rebuild. Both are usually more expensive.


Koi are in the attitude much more demanding than normal garden pond fish. Without appropriate technology, nothing works. This plan should be made as a layman necessarily by a professional. The whole drain and filter system is important and should work, including bottom drain and side drains. There are big differences in the price of the pumps. Cheap pumps do not generally have to be bad, but experience shows that they are usually much earlier than branded products. If you buy three times cheap, you can also approve times more expensive. The pond volume should be completely circulated at least once every two hours. That is the most important criterion when purchasing pumps. An hourly revolution is even better for the health of Koi.
  • One, better two pumps with a real pumping capacity of about 10,000 liters per hour and the lowest possible power consumption - about 300 euros
  • Surface skimmer for keeping the water surface clean - from about 80 Euro
  • Filter that mechanically and biologically ensures clear water - from 200 euros
  • Piping - depends on pond size
  • UVC unit - 4 W UVC - output per m³ pond water - from 150 Euro
  • Additional diaphragm pump for oxygen (from 1,000 l / h) - from 50 euros
  • Pond heating - from 150 euros
  • Photometer - for water control - good equipment from 300 euros, usually more


Water Lilies - Nymphaea

There are extreme differences in the koi itself.You can buy such for 1 euro, but also for 500,000 euros. Real Japankoi are significantly more expensive than those from European offspring. Lay people hardly recognize a difference and many pond owners get along well with the animals, if they have only cost 10 euros. Hardly anyone is really familiar with the prices. For beginners, they are wonderful. Who then seizes the addictive fever and who has gained enough experience, then it can sometimes try with more expensive fish. Before investing thousands of euros, think about how to avoid fishing for the greedy herons. They have already fished whole ponds empty.

Pond planning and preparation by a specialist

If you commission a specialist company with the planning and construction of a koi pond and hand over all the work, you must expect 500 to 1,000 euros per 1,000 liters of water volume. Something comes together, although it always depends on the circumstances and of course on the wishes of the client. If you can do a lot of work on your own and you do not have to pay for the help of experts, 5,000 Euros are a realistic sum for the construction of the pond. However, it will be a rather small and uncomplicated Koi pond, rather something for beginners, with 10,000 to 12,000 liters capacity. If you need help, you should be happy with the double sum, even those who build larger, must plan significantly more. Most koi ponds have a capacity of around 30,000 liters.

Running costs of the Koi pond

The running costs of the Koi pond are not to be underestimated. There comes a lot together every month. However, the costs can not be so general, they are based on the pump and filter, the stocking density, whether you want to maintain a minimum temperature of 15° C throughout the year and after a few other factors.

water change

Per week, a 10 percent water change should be made. At 11,000 liters, that's a good 1,1000 liters a week, 4,400 liters a month and about 50 cbm a year. Depending on the price of water there are plenty of 100 euros together. Wastewater must also be paid unless you are lucky and freed. For this, the water must seep into the garden. Bear in mind that a 11,000 liter pond is a very small koi pond.

electricity costs

The electricity costs are depending on the technology between 30 and 100 euros a month. Large ponds usually contain a lot of technology, so several pumps, skimmers, etc. and that costs. If you're heating extra, you have to expect more. Small ponds are the cheapest for maintenance. Unfortunately, there are often problems with the health of the carp. Then the vet costs rise.


When it comes to food, of course, it depends on how much Koi are present and how big they are. There are also pure eating machines. Proper lovers feed exclusively expensive brand food, but many Koibesitzer get along with cheaper food. Important are high-quality ingredients and they have their price. For the 11,000 liter pond with 10 koi you have to expect between 10 and 40 euros per month, with a fish size of 30 to 40 cm. It is also more expensive, but up the borders are anyway open, at least with Koi. Who spends 1,000 euros and more for such a fish, who feeds only the best food, after all, it should go well for the animal. The food has to be experimented with until you find the optimum for your Koi.

Vet bills

Veterinarian costs can be poorly calculated. It depends on how many fish are affected and what kind of diseases they have. Under 300 euros, such a vet visit rarely, so at least one learns in numerous forums. It's best to put $ 100 on the site every month and save something, then you're on the safe side.
ConclusionBuilding a koi pond is not easy and, above all, not cheap. However, it always depends on what exactly is planned and how much of it can be done by yourself. It is possible to build a koi pond for 5,000 euros, but it will be rather small and kept simple. Professionals who help you cost right money. You can double or even triple a pond construction, depending on the plan. For artless clumsy Koi lovers, who also have no contacts, it is the most expensive. Who makes everything in external service, rarely comes under a five-digit amount. Koi owners with experience indicate that they spend an average of 100 euros for their pond, not including veterinary costs and fish purchases. Exceptions are also new purchases of technology and pond design. For very large ponds with a fish population of 30 to 40 animals, of course, you have to expect much more. The food alone costs so much. A koi pond is an expensive hobby and not for people who have to reckon with their finances. The construction of a pond wants to be well considered and I want to warn here once. Who is infected by Koifieber, the costs are fast no matter. You will not start again. After all, many hobbies cost real money and this one is a very nice one.

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