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The trick box of the purchase gardener makes it possible. Already in late autumn, onion flowers in cold stores give them an early, but short winter, so they already believe in December that it is spring and makes magnificent flowers. If you put the prepared onions on water glasses, they drive roots in temperatures of eight to twelve degrees Celsius in two to three weeks roots. After another five to six weeks, the first flowers open.

Simply power flower bulbs

It is particularly easy to drive on special bulb flower glasses, which are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The special shape of the glasses keeps the onions and prevents rot. You can also put vases or normal glasses over a vegetable net and put the onions on top. Small iris and crocus bulbs are sufficient for a pebble-filled bowl of water. If the bulbous flowers have withered, do not throw them away - plant them and overwinter the onions in a bright, cool place. Once the frost is over, they are planted out in the garden.

Plant hyacinths on gravel

The hyacinth bulbs are sufficient for a gravel bed rooting

Prepare propellant vases

Drift vases have a narrow neck and at the top a small bowl in which the onion rests. This protects the onion from wetness. First, pour enough water into the jar that there is about one centimeter of air left to the onion. Then place the jar in a bright, cool place ten degrees. Check the water level regularly. Put the onion on the glass and do not moisten with water while driving. When buying, pay attention to large bulbs, they guarantee a magnificent flowering.

Darkening must be

Put a darkening cap on the onions. The cap stays on the onion until the growing shoot tip lifts it up. You can easily make the blackout caps yourself in different sizes from cardboard. As soon as the first flower buds appear, put the glass in the warm place. Shortly thereafter, the shoot shoots up and forms a beautiful flower.

Potting soil for Amaryllis

Drawing of an amaryllis onion

The large Amaryllis bulbs should not be completely covered with soil

Fresh potting soil brings the onions of the knight stars and amaryllis to life. Some expanded clay or gravel makes the soil even looser. Make sure the onions are firm and not foul or moldy. The onions should only be planted so deeply that one third of them are still visible from the ground. Pour only over the earth, not over the onions - in the beginning only a little, the longer the shoot gets, the more. First, you do not need to fertilize the flower bulbs.

Flowers for winter decoration

The flowers come by themselves, if you put the pots in the warm room on the windowsill. After flowering, the elongated leaves typical of the knight's star develop. From mid-May, the knight stars are best placed outside.

Knight star in pots

The big flowers of the knight star make a lot of joy in winter

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