Harvest onions - The optimal time

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Onions should not just be harvested indiscriminately. There is an optimal time for that. Which is that, you will learn here.

Harvest onions - The optimal time

When picking onions in your own garden, it's important to get the timing right. Usually harvest time is the end of August / beginning of September. Very important is that the onions are not brought out of the ground too soon.

Recognize the right harvest time
You should not stubbornly follow the calendar for the onion harvest. Only when the foliage by itself has become dry and yellowed, the growth of the onion is complete.

In earlier times, people resorted to a trick to pull the harvest time forward a bit. The leaves of the plants have simply been bent. But you should not do that, as this will only give you an emergency maturity. The yield could suffer so much. Normally, a lot of sun in the summer causes the plants to wither away by themselves.

Only if the weather is not so cheap, you can help a little. For this, the onions are raised very gently and gently with a digger fork. This causes the fine roots to break off. The plants can then no longer absorb water and turn yellow and dry up in the sequence.

" Danger: If you harvest onions too early, the storage life will be considerably worsened.

The harvest of onions and the ripening

For the harvest of the vegetables you should definitely choose a phase with dry weather. If the onions are wet at harvest, they will not store well.

Harvest Manual

➢ Step 1:
The onions are pulled out of the ground and rubbed off with their hands, which dissolves the loose part of the shell. The foliage is removed about five inches above the neck.

➢ Step 2:
So that you can store the onions longer, a shell should be as solid as possible. For this reason, the onions are allowed to ripen for another seven to ten days. If the weather is dry, you can simply leave it on the bed for this purpose. In damp weather, they can also be easily dried under a roof. Or you put the onion into pigtails and hang them up in a suitable place. It is important that the place is airy and dry.

➢ Step 3:
Do not let onions ripen in the blazing sun. Too warm a climate causes the outer shell to burst easily. You do not necessarily need to hang the onions for ripening, you can also put them loose in wooden boxes. After 10 days at the latest, the leaves should be completely dry, then remove the remains of the roots and loose peels.

" Tip: If onions are damaged, they should be provided for early consumption and not stored. Well-matured onions can be stored dry for several months in the cellar.

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