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The cultivation of onions (Allium cepa) requires first and foremost patience, because from sowing to harvest at least four months pass. It is still often recommended to change the green bulbs before harvest to promote maturity. As a result, onions but a kind of emergency maturity: As a result, they can be stored less well, often start from the inside to rot or expire prematurely.
It is therefore important to wait until the tube leaves turn over by themselves and turn so yellow that almost no green is visible. Then you lift the bulbs out of the earth with the grave fork, spread them on the bed and let them dry there for about two weeks. However, in rainy summers you should lay the freshly picked onions on wooden shelves or in flat boxes on the covered balcony. Before storing, turn off the dry leaves and pack the onions into nets. From the leaves of the freshly harvested onions, you can instead braid decorative braids and then hang the onions under a canopy to dry. The dried onions are stored in a dry, airy place until they are eaten. A room with normal temperature is better suited to this than a cold cellar, because low temperatures cause the onions to be driven out prematurely.

pulled onions at harvest

After the harvest, let the onion dry for two weeks - in dry summers directly on the bed

So you harvest thicker onions

If you sow onions, the seeds germinate very numerous. The small plantlets are soon close to each other in the rows. If you do not thin them in time, they have little room to develop. If you love small onions, it has no problem. Only remove so many seedlings that the distance between them is two to three centimeters. However, if you value thick onions, you should only leave a plant every five centimeters or even every ten centimeters and pluck the rest. In autumn, it is also advisable not to harvest all onions, but to leave some in the ground. They flower in the next year and are often visited by bees for nectar collecting.

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