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The Content Of The Article: Plant Calendar The literature and the internet offer numerous plant calendars and seed calendars. On you can now design your own and very individual planting calendar online and print it out for the daily work in the garden.
How does the planting calendar work?

  • Click below on the link "Here's the planting calendar"
  • A window opens with five categories to choose from
  • Click in the categories and mark the desired plants with a mouse click
  • With a click on Print your seed calendar will be printed. Please use landscape format in your printer. Finished!

Click here for the planting calendar

A rough overview of plant planning
  • Check stored fruit!
  • Protect flower bulbs in the pot!
  • Water evergreens in the garden and in containers on frost-free days.
  • Possibly. Shake the snow from the trees, so that nothing can break off.
  • Garden pond Keep the opening free!
  • Water evergreens! Rolled leaves indicate lack of water!
  • Prepare old bushes vigorously!
  • Perennials and shrubs can already receive composting. Important! Soil must be dried!
  • Sow first plants on the windowsill!
  • Check winter protection! Remove snow loads if available
  • Do not forget potted plants in the wintering quarter!
  • Evergreen shaped trees cut e.g. Book and cherry laurel)!
  • Sow fruit vegetables (window stick)!
  • Freshly purchased spring bloomers are usually preferred and must be protected from frost!
  • Water evergreens!
  • Pond slowly awake from hibernation!
  • First lawn cut.
  • Time for scarifying.
  • Possibly. Intermediate sowing lawn!
  • Betse time for the new lawn. Fertilize the lawn!
  • Direct sowing in the bed, e.g. Cauliflower, broccoli, peas, cabbage, chard, salads...)
  • Young plants can be placed (varieties as above and beetroot, leek, fennel)
  • Lay out potatoes and onions!
  • Clean and multiply strawberry plants!
  • Provide raspberries and other berries with compost!
  • Freshness cure for potted plants!
  • Pick seedlings in large pots!
  • Herbs rejuvenate through division!
  • Support perennials like peonies!
  • Pay attention to pest infestation and possibly act against it quickly before they can multiply!
  • Plant vines.
  • Spring flowers absolutely leave leaves!
  • Put out the potted plants, clean them, maybe divide them, repot them, as needed!
  • Cut back spring flowering shrubs!
  • Mount or place climbing frames for Rambler, Klimber and climbing plants!
  • Turf cultivation! for lavender
  • Protect pick-ripe berry fruit from birds!
  • Vines cut!
  • Harvest rhubarb!
  • Maintain rock garden!
  • Check regularly for pests!
  • Eat tomatoes!
  • Potatoes pile up when plants are about 20 inches tall.
  • Fertilize potted plants!
  • Ensure a secure hold on shrubs!
  • Still vegetables can be sown.
  • Herb harvest!
  • Potted plants now need a lot of water!
  • Shape cut hedges!
  • Cut berry bushes!
  • Good time for cuttings propagation, e.g. Hydrangeas.
  • Fertilize regularly!
  • Fertilize the lawn again!
  • Plant autumn blooms!
  • Harvest herbs, always before flowering!
  • Vegetables harvest e.g. Cucumbers.
  • Pour a lot and fertilize if necessary!
  • lawn care
  • Water filling in the pond!
  • Sow one-year-old summer flowers for the next year (directly into the bed)!
  • Tomato picking and possibly ripen!
  • Fruit harvest
  • Pruning for many herbs
  • Vegetable harvest in progress
  • Plant spring flower bulbs!
  • Harvest ripe seeds!
  • Sift through compost!
  • Evergreen plants!
  • Frost-proof corn salad can be sown.
  • Give container plants!
  • Make the pond winter-proof!
  • Collect last seeds!
  • Plant fruit trees!
  • Cleanup in the garden!
  • Last grasscut!
  • Over-winter bulbous flowers (dahlias)!
  • Harvest leek and Brussels sprouts!
  • Plant raspberries!
  • Protect Rose High Tribes!
  • Pile roses!
  • Cut back blueberries!
  • Remove last foliage from the lawn!
  • As long as the soil is not frozen, compost can be spread on the beds! (only when it is dry)!
  • Check fruit storage!
  • Pour potted plants and check for pests!
  • At the latest now, protect winter-hibernating potted plants!
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