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When to Sow Herbs in the Pot / Garden - Sowing Calendar

Do you really need a sowing calendar for herbs? Not necessarily, every herb sown in the garden in June will bring a rich harvest a few weeks later. However, if you want to spice up fresh herbs all year round, you'll need an overview of a staggered herbal culture and a few viable indoor herbs, both of which will help you with the article.

Seeding calendar, sowing calendar for the home garden

The following overview shows a simple sowing calendar for the year. The sowing calendar lists flowers, vegetables and herbs for the seasons.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar March

When the snow has melted and the garden has dried off a bit, the gardener starts the garden year: he collects all the dead plant stalks that stopped in the fall with the seeds and either fed or sown birds.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar January

In January, the natural garden is still hibernating, so there is nothing for the gardener to do in the garden itself. However, January is the month in which most frost days are on average, and the natural gardener has ensured that this frost makes his garden look wonderful and impressive.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar February

In the winter time is for reading and learning, and definitely for all gardeners who like to learn something new about the layout of their garden. They traditionally use the wintertime to keep themselves informed about why this or that plant did not really thrive last year, and about what's new in the coming season.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar December

What does the organic gardener do in December? - Actually nothing. Because his garden is allowed to enjoy a well deserved hibernation. Delicate plants have long been given their antifreeze coat, every patch of bare earth is covered with a thick mulch layer as a protective winter blanket, under which a wealth of soil organisms overwinters.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar August

August is the harvest month: herbs, vegetables, fruits: Most varieties are now ripe and can be harvested, and of the berries, only the strawberries are already picked. If the first cucumbers and zucchini are already finished, they should now be harvested beautiful young, now they are unbeatably tender.

Garden Calendar & Plant Calendar April

If you cultivate your garden conventionally, you can now choose the appropriate one from these individual measures, with our special articles on the different plants you will find much additional information.

Garden Calendar for July - The Best Gardening Tips

The summer keeps some work for the hobby gardener ready. Especially in the hot season need the ornamental and crops attention and care. With the garden calendar for July you will learn what measures you should take now and how you can extend the flowers of many plants into the autumn.

Garden calendar for November - the best gardening tips

The garden calendar for November is packed with the last works of the year. From wet and cold weather and early darkness ambitious hobby gardeners can not stop now, to get into the rubber boots and winterize the garden. The best garden tips show how to round off the garden year useful.

Garden Calendar for June - The Best Gardening Tips

In order to have a well-kept garden and at best to be able to harvest one or the other, it requires regular care. It has to be done the whole year round, starting with the soil care and care measures on perennials and woody plants over the fruit and vegetable cultivation and the harvest up to the plant protection.

Garden Calendar for September - the best gardening tips

In September the summer is coming to an end and it is time to plan for autumn and winter. The hot summer days are over, a good moment in the garden calendar, to make the beds for the next year. Many of the fruit and vegetable bearing plants are now ready for harvest.

Gardening Tips for October - Garden Calendar

Autumn in particular offers a variety of colors, bright orange pumpkins are a feast for the eyes, deciduous trees change color or autumn flowers such as the autumn peak or chrysanthemums are in full glory.

Garden Tips for May - Garden Calendar

May is the year between spring and summer: it can be hot and dry, most plants are sown and set, but with the icy saints between the 10th and the 15th of May, it often gets cold again. What does May bring in terms of gardening?

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