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The more or less pronounced bitter taste of orange marmalade is not for everyone. The English love their orange marmalade and in Germany they also find more and more fans.
It is probably the combination of the sweetness of the oranges and the sugar with a slightly bitter taste that makes this jam so popular.
Producing them is a bit more time-consuming than with other fruits, but the extra work is worthwhile. The good thing about the jam is that it is cooked at a time when there is no other fruit to process. One can fully devote to the production of a variety.
Orange marmalade tastes best on bread rolls or croissants, but also makes great with poultry dishes.
Select fruits
Oranges can not be harvested from us, you have to buy them. As with this jam shell is included in the fruit mass, one should use untreated oranges. Although they are a bit more expensive than the normal fruits, but you are on the safe side. After all, you do not want pesticides in the jam. Pomeranians (Citrus aurantium) have proven to be ideal for orange marmalade. They naturally have a high pectin content and the natural bitterness (bitter orange) is ideal for making the true orange marmalade. When buying you should pay attention to solid fruits. If you prefer sweet orange marmalade, you can of course omit the bowls, but that's just a matter of taste.
Prepare oranges
There are a variety of recipes for the orange marmalade. Some only use the squeezed juice, others use it and also cook the bowl. Everyone has his own method and you can experiment well and try different recipes. No matter how you make them, the fruits are peeled. But already there are differences. Do you have to peel off the white, often thick skin or can you turn it off? The white skin gives the jam a bitter taste. An alternative is to put them in an extra bag, which you can put in the pot for a short time. You can take it out again at any time. The bitter mass does not stay in the jam. The best is actually to squeeze some oranges, the juice is the most important thing. Depending on how much fruit is processed, peel the other (with 2 kilograms of oranges about 4 to 5 pieces). Of these also the pulp is used, but without seeds and best filleted. From one or two oranges cut thin strips from the shell. If you cut thin enough, the shell curls, which looks good in the jam.
Juice, chopped or chopped fruit pieces and peel are put together in a pot. In addition one usually gives the juice of one or two lemons. Of course, this includes gelling sugar, as the oranges do not gel without help. However, pectin, e.g. Use apple pectin, then you can save on the sugar.
How long you have to cook the ingredients is up to the recipe. For some, 3 minutes, others let simmer for almost an hour before filling the jam into jars. In any case, the mass must gel. You should do a rehearsal for that. Place one or two spoons of the boiling substance on a cold plate. If the mass gets fat quickly, the jam is ready, otherwise you need to cook something or add more gelling agent.
Many love orange and ginger jam. Depending on how strong you want to taste for ginger, add small-cut ginger. However, ginger is very strong in taste, you have to dose well. If you want only a little ginger taste of the jam, it also does ginger powder. You can also use some cinnamon and clove powder, which gives another taste. Of course, the orange marmalade also tastes pure, without any other ingredients.
Particularly popular with men are additives such as rum or Grand Marnier orange liqueur.

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