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One of the most popular garden types is the ornamental garden, because here the whole garden year can be experienced over a varied color splendor. Amidst the green of trees, hedges and lawns unfold the blooming flowers and shrubs, which in addition spread their wonderful scent.
If you want to create an ornamental garden, there will be an infinite selection of plants that can be selected according to your own ideas and wishes. However, the offer is so large that not everything can be planted and should be paid to a few details.
The planning of a ornamental garden
In the first place is the planning of a garden ornament, because it is the alpha and omega, so that the same comes to its best advantage. If, for example, plants are planted in groups, then care should be taken that the high-growth plants should be placed behind the low-growing specimens.
Furthermore, attention should be paid to the compilation of ornamental plants, in this case, it is important to pay special attention to the flowering time. To enjoy the ornamental garden, onion and tuberous plants are a must-have for a garden owner and are easy to care for.
Finally, the free time should not be spent with endless gardening, but without it is not synonymous. Constant work is to remove the watering and the withered flowers. With the right choice of plants, the ornamental garden can bloom in a colorful and magnificent way all year round.
Onion and tuberous plants for every season
With knowledge of the life cycle and the demands on the location of the onion and tuber plants care is child's play. In perennial plants they can be fully integrated.
The spring flowers, which include the Christmas rose, the snowdrop or the violet, are particularly beautiful. During their flowering period, most of the perennials have not expelled. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, muscari and crocuses are a real eye-catcher in spring in different colors.
The ornamental garden then really comes alive with the summer-flowering plants, such as begonias, summer hyacinths, lilies, gladioli and Co. The first summer bloomers are the irises and lilies, which are replaced by the gladioli and dahlias and in the golden season the autumn timelesss round out the colorful ones Color splendor of the ornamental garden.
Not only with tulips is the offer of bulbs and tubers exhausted, because even in autumn, the ornamental garden can still offer a wide range of colors.
A particularly beautiful color splendor can be obtained in the ornamental garden with the plants, which have beautiful flower forms and are especially in the late summer and autumn again and again a true feast for the eyes. They complete the colorful summer months perfectly.
As autumn blooms usually the different kinds of asters and dahlias get the preference. But the small cyclamen, which are hardy, revive the garden in the fall again with lots of color.
Also in the winter a few splashes of color can be set in the ornamental garden. For this purpose, the evergreen shrubs are used, with the boxwood enjoying a growing popularity.
The queen of flowers
The queen of the flowers should not be missing in an ornamental garden, because the rose always attracts attention. When planting roses, the location should be well selected, they prefer a not too moist soil and a place that is airy on the one hand and just as sunny on the other hand.
There are a variety of types of roses, ranging from hellebores to bedding and climbing roses to shrub roses, even in small-sized forms, and bush roses. The bed roses are very popular in the ornamental garden, because they can be ideally combined with perennials. A great variety is offered, so that you can choose different colors and shapes of flowers.
There are a variety of plants for the ornamental garden into consideration and each of them is a unique garden ornament.

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