Cultivate lawns

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An ornamental lawn is rather not suitable for extensive garden parties. But the green carpet can be the visual highlight in your garden.

Ornamental lawn care tips

An ornamental lawn is a feast for the eyes, but not so much something that is played or grilled. Actually, ornamental turfs are more familiar from botanical plants, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in domestic hobby gardens. If you want to create a decorative lawn, you should first of all consider that this later is more a visual face than a playground. There are also other special features that need to be considered before deciding on a decorative lawn.

Acquisition costs and other expenses

With the creation of a decorative lawn, you as a garden owner have to pay some costs, which you should not be underestimated. High quality ornamental grass seed has its price. However, it is a mistake to let hang out at this point the Sparfuchs. You want some luxury in your garden, then you have to invest accordingly. The result, once the ornamental lawn is created, will convince you.

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Cultivate lawns

weed control

Very first priority in a lawn grass has the weed control. Each blade, which hardly plays a role in a playing lawn, interferes with a decorative lawn. Make sure that moss can not even form and if it does, it must be removed immediately.

Cut the lawn

In addition to a continuous and thorough weed control, in a decorative lawn is also placed a lot of emphasis on the regular lawn mowing. So that the roots do not take any damage, you never mow down to the garden floor. Depending on the available height, leave at least fifty percent. So that the ornamental grass does not clump and matted, the grass clippings are always removed or caught directly when mowing.

Fertilize lawns

After lawn mowing, the ornamental grass gets a dose of fertilizer. Ask the retailer which fertilizer is suitable for your ornamental garden. It always depends on the quality of the soil. It is fertilized in spring, or even in summer. But then it must not be too hot, otherwise veräzt the lawn.

Important: Do not forget to water the ornamental lawn regularly. Lasting dryness and heat periods can not stand the ornamental grass!

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