Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade

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Leaf decoration for shady layers

The Elfenblume (Epimedium x perralchicum 'Frohnleiten') is a very robust and drought-tolerant perennial for half-shady and shady garden areas. But that's not all: in spring and early summer, it presents a leaf shoot that does not need to shy away from comparison with leaf jewelery classics like Funkie or purple bells. The fine reddish leaf pattern changes over the course of the season in a uniform green, which is the garden friend in milder weather even in winter. Another plus: The barberry plant is an excellent groundcover. A carpet of elven flowers does not let the slightest bit of weeds through and can assert itself in the dry root of birch trees.
Funkia (Hosta) is available in over 4000 varieties and with countless leaf shapes and colors. The plants are available in different sizes, from dwarf varieties that are only a few centimeters in size, to stately specimens up to one meter in height as the Blaublatt-Funkie (Hosta sieboldiana). Popular varieties include 'Golden Tiara' with its light green, yellow leaves or the white border radio 'Patriot'. Yellow and green-leaved funchia develop well in sufficiently moist soil even in sunny places. Too shady, the leaf beauties should generally not stand, otherwise their leaves do not color well.
Bergenien are beautiful year-round with their winter-green foliage and tolerate an amazing amount of dryness. They spread slowly through foothills and are extremely robust. A special feature is the rust-red winter color, which varies in severity depending on the variety. On leaves that are not too nutrient-rich, sunny locations, the leaves are the most beautiful. A recommended variety with great leaves coloring is Bergenia 'HerbstblĂŒte'. It also flowers steadily, which is an advantage especially for late frost areas.
Ferns are also fascinating leaf ornamental plants. Their trademark is the leaf fronds, which develop artistically in the spring and thus bring a lasting, organizing structure in shady garden areas. Ferns are not only in the classic green, but also depending on the variety with reddish or greyish leaf tints. A particularly colorful representative is the Japanese ornamental fern (Atyrium niponicum 'Metallicum'). He wears rust-red fronds with gray-green hem.
Also with the grasses there are numerous leaf beauties. So you will find in the sediment assortment (Carex) many varieties with yellow or white edge. The goldgrassgrass (Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'), which is still very rare among us, has bright golden yellow overhanging leaf creatures. It can be combined very well with funkies or Bergenien.

Leaf decoration for sunny places

Most Blattschmuckstauden prefers partially shaded to shady garden areas. But there are also shrubs that feel comfortable with their attractive leaves in the sun. The purple bell (Heuchera) is particularly suitable for sunny to partially shaded places. It convinces with its attractive leaf color in the colors green, cream, red or brown. The leaves are wavy or fringed. Purple bells are attractive all year round and can be combined well with flowering plants.
Sage (Salvia), whose name comes from "salvare" (Latin for "cure"), includes many varieties with great leaf effect. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect of the young, aromatic leaves bring the colorful leaf varieties variety in the herbal or rock garden. Salvia officinalis 'Berggarten' shines with a relatively large silver leaf. A yellow-green variegated leaf bears Salvia officinalis 'Icterina'.
From the blue cushion (Aubrieta) there are new varieties like Aubrieta 'Downer's Bont', whose green leaves have a creamy white edge. Another leafy beauty for sunny locations is the shrub wormwood (Artemisia arborescens 'Powis Castle'). It convinces with fine silvery foliage, but in harsh areas winter protection is necessary.
A selection of beautiful leaf perennials we present you in the following picture gallery.

Caucasus forget-me-not 'Jack Frost'

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Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: decoration

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: plants

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: leaf


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Leaf perennials (11)

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: plants

The Caucasus forget-me-not 'Jack Frost' (Brunnera macrophylla) has heart-shaped leaves, which are provided with a silvery drawing. The shrub feels well on humus-rich soils under trees.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: leaf

The Bergenie 'evening bells' are particularly effective in larger groups. Her foliage turns intensely red in winter. She wears pink flowers in spring.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: leaves

Not only the blue flowers of the lungwort (Pulmonaria) are beautiful to look at.Even the spotted foliage of some varieties such as 'Wuppertal' or 'Roy Davidson' is a special ornament. The leaves of the variety 'Majeste' are even silvery throughout.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: leaf

The Rodgersie 'Rotlaub' (Rodgersia podophylla) reaches stature heights up to 100 centimeters. Her large leaves show a picturesque veining and redden. The perennial prefers shady locations under trees and spreads slowly with rhizomes.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: shade

The purple bell (Heuchera) offers an immense variety of varieties with different leaf colors and drawings. In sunny to slightly shady locations the foliage turns out best.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: decoration

The spice sage 'Berggarten' (Salvia officinalis) decorates the garden or herbal bed with a relatively large silver leaf.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: plants

The sage variety 'Icterina' (Salvia officinalis) is also a sunbather and has yellow-green variegated foliage.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: decoration

The shrub wormwood 'Powis Castle' (Artemisia arborescens) bears finely feathered, silvery foliage. The semi-shrub is suitable for drier locations in full sun and forms up to one meter high, woody shrubs. In winter you should protect it from frost with mulch and a fleece cover.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: plants

The leaves of the Funkie 'Sagae' (Hosta hybrid) adorn a golden yellow border. The plant grows to 75 centimeters high and is suitable for half shady places.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: leaf

The flowers of the elven flower 'Frohnleiten' (Epimedium x perralchicum) bloom from April to May in sulfur yellow. The evergreen leaves of the perennial are reddish.

Leaf decoration plants for sun and shade: decoration

The ivy thistle (Eryngium giganteum) grows to 80 centimeters tall and flowers silver gray from July to August. She needs full sun and tolerates dryness.

Caucasus forget-me-not 'Jack Frost'

Bergenie 'evening bells'

lung herb

Rodgersie Rotlaub

Coral bells

Spice sage 'Berggarten'

Sage 'Icterina'

Shrub wormwood 'Powis Castle'

Funkie 'Sagae'

Elven flower 'Frohnleiten'

Ivory thistle

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