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spice bush

Summer jasmine - plants, care tips and wintering

A climbing and hanging plant of exotic flair with the name Sommerjasmin sets decorative accents. With a lavish white floral flourish, the Brazilian beauty elegantly entwines the trellis or dangles its branches in style. Here you can find out about professional planting, correct wintering and benefit from constructive care tips.

Ornamental shrubs + ornamental shrubs - care, cut: shrubs

Lilac does not bloom or does not flower properly - you can do that

In a sea of ​​fragrant flowers every hobby gardener who approaches his lilac bushes at the height of flowering sinks. But the sensory plant experience will be over when the beloved plant suddenly stops blooming. How can you help the lilac?

Ornamental Wine Care: Planting & Cutting

Ornamental shrubs + ornamental shrubs - care, cut: shrubs

The dwarf lilac is an attractive flowering shrub for small and manageable gardens. The plant grows as a deciduous and densely branched shrub, due to its low growth, it can also thrive on terraces and large balconies in the tub. The dwarf lilac is relatively undemanding and seduces in the summer with sweet-smelling flowers.

Ornamental shrubs & shrubs - propagation by offshoots / cuttings


Every hobby gardener has plants in the garden that he desperately wants to maintain or multiply. However, in order to preserve the beneficial properties of these ornamental shrubs or shrubs, it is advisable to propagate them vegetatively, i.e. via individual plant parts, e.g. about cuttings, pegs or offshoots. Generative propagation by seeds alters these properties.

Wicker, Bindeweide - Wanted poster, plants and cutting

The wicker, also called wicker, is cultivated because of its extremely long and flexible rods, because it can be used to make baskets or other wicker goods. A preferred form is the Kopfweide, in which the long rods sprout out of a thick trunk.

Planting cherry laurel - planting time and distances

You would like to beautify your garden with a dense, vigorous hedge and border on the outside? Then cherry laurel is a good choice. We not only explain about their care needs, but give concrete tips from planting to pruning.

Five-finger shrub, Potentilla fruticosa - care, cutting and propagating

Undemanding in the care and undemanding to its environment, the five-finger shrub also thrives on soils that provide few nutrients. That's why he feels at home in rockeries. What care measures you should take, how the shrub is propagated and cut, can be found here.

Woolly viburnum, Viburnum lantana - care and cutting

White flowers and red fruits into the winter make the Woolly Snowball (Latin Viburnum lantana) All year round to an attractive wood in the local garden. Until the summer he shows his white, large inflorescences and the upright, dense growth. The native plant is often found on roadsides, in parks and gardens.

Scented snowball - plants, care and cutting

There are also snowballs in summer: the genus Viburnum plants unites more than a hundred species. Among them, the Duftschneeball belongs to the easy-care representatives with conspicuous spreading branches and delicate pink to white fragrant, spherical flowers. How to care for this eye-catcher in the garden?

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