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Healthy bones are the alpha and omega, so we stay mobile for a long time. Because the bone density diminishes with increasing age, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases. But with the right nutrition, you can strengthen your bones. Although our bones grow only until puberty, even then they are not a rigid material, but on the contrary alive with life. In our bones constantly old cells are broken down and new ones formed. A process that only works smoothly, even if all the necessary building materials are always available. These can provide you with the right nutrition, consisting of certain types of vegetables, but also various other plant products.

Cereal millet

Field horsetail in glass

The body can optimally utilize calcium as a bone building material only if the supply of magnesium is also correct. Much of this is in the millet (left), a particularly nutritious grain.
The daily intake of silica (silicon) increases the bone density in women with osteoporosis, as proven by studies. Rich in this substance is a tea from field horsetail (right) and oatmeal and even beer

Very important is calcium. It gives the skeleton its strength. The daily requirement of about one gram, for example, covers two slices of Emmentaler, two glasses of mineral water and 200 grams of leek. Incidentally, it is best to steam the vegetables to preserve the substance because it is water-soluble.

Milk Johgurt in the glass

Leek and chard

Calcium is essential for the stability of the bones. Dairy products like yogurt (left) are a good source. If you do not like it, you do not have to worry about it if you add green vegetables such as Swiss chard, leek (right) or fennel every day

Calcium alone is not enough to keep bones healthy. In order to incorporate the mineral into the skeleton, magnesium and vitamin K are required. The need can be met by a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Also vitamin D is indispensable. The best source here is the sun. If you enjoy your light daily for 30 minutes, the skin can form the substance itself, the body stores surpluses even for the dark months. Those who are rarely outside should, after consultation with the family doctor to access drugs from the pharmacy.

Paints with pepper

fresh mushrooms

Vitamin D supports the absorption of calcium from the intestine and the "incorporation" of minerals into the skeleton. Unfortunately, only a few foods contain this vitamin. These include fat sea fish such as salmon (left), mushrooms (right) and eggs. In addition, you should go a lot outdoors, because the body can form the vital substance in the sun even in the skin

Silica is a high priority. A British study has shown that it stimulates the development of new bone material and effectively slows down the degradation. In patients suffering from osteoporosis, the bones became measurably more stable after six months of taking a silicon preparation. An alternative to the remedy is the field horsetail, which can be found everywhere as a weed. A large cup of tea a day is enough.

Broccoli vegetables

fresh chives

The central role of vitamin K is hardly known. Only under its influence can the protein osteocalcin be produced in the skeleton. It gets the calcium out of the blood and transports it to the bones. Green vegetables such as broccoli (left), lettuce and chives (right) are high in content

Healthy bones during menopause

Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus)

Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus)

During menopause, the production of sex hormones decreases. As a result, bone mass is increasingly degraded. An osteoporosis threatens. Gentle help is provided by medicinal plants. Chasteberry and lady's mantle contain natural progesterone and thus stabilize the hormone balance. Isoflavones in red clover replace the missing estrogen. Either prepare a tea from one of the herbs or take extracts (pharmacy). So the bones stay healthy longer.

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