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Garden design is more like Japanese garden, water garden, herb garden or vegetable garden, you often forget the most famous garden forms such as the front garden or the courtyard, which you can make a very beautiful place as a garden.
Often the overall environment determines how the gardens are designed here. If you have high hedges, the garden owner will be given a free hand in the choice of shape. If you only want to pull a fence, you should pay attention to the shape of the environment.
Plunge gardens are also on the rise, as well as hillside gardens. Remains of house building or the excavation of a pond earth left over, you can conjure up a beautiful hilly landscape in the garden from this earth. Has a large tree been felled somewhere in the garden, and its roots dug up, pour some soil into the hole, and the sink garden is finished. Here you will find suggestions and instructions on which garden form can be created.
A garden has succeeded if it meets the wishes of its owners. And because people usually have very different ideas of an ideal garden, there are also accordingly many solutions and numerous garden forms, each of which is correct in its own way. For small plants in the city, a terraced garden is often ideal. Through a series of raised beds and above all by many leaf plants in different shape and size, a secluded refuge can be created that provides security.
For individualists who love the extraordinary, gardening forms a kind of private fairytale garden. Mirrors, murals and miniature buildings or a garden railway make the area seem bigger than it really is, and make for stunning hallucinations. Also in such a plant the planting plays an important role. Decorated with white flowers, beds at the end of a long, narrow garden appear closer to the eye. Dark-colored plants, on the other hand, provide a seemingly greater depth. When planning your garden, you should think about the future.

Other garden forms - courtyard, front yard: Courtyard

Zen Garden - Create meaning and miniature garden by yourself

The Zen Garden helps to clear the head; the Miniature Zen Garden finds its place in every household in the indoor version - there is plenty of trouble in everyday life, the article tells you how to create your own relaxation oasis.

Root protection for green roofs

The green roofs have a lot of advantages, besides being beautiful and providing a bit more nature in the middle of the city.

Front yard - planning and design

Of the front yard in general, has already drawn a bad fate. Most front gardens lie on the east side of the house; Shadows and thus also increased wetness are the result. Not the ideal place for a beautifully landscaped garden.

Create your own garden - ideas and instructions

The front yard is the place where privacy and public meet. He says a lot about the inhabitants of the property and house. The first impression is often decisive. To make the front garden particularly inviting is therefore advisable. Basically, the front garden should fit the style of the house, so be more modern or rural.

Creating terraced garden - planning and design

In a terraced garden, the design options are usually limited. By a precise planning and distribution but you can also accommodate a lot here and make the garden creative. An important and central point in any garden is a comfortable seating. Small terraces with little space can be upgraded and embellished by a wooden deck.

Create a moor-bed in the garden

Moorland is also one of the many habitats of plants, although at first sight this may seem unlikely. Moors are more familiar to people than a seemingly unreal landscape.

Minigarten - create and design

In urban environments with lots of concrete and steel, hobby gardeners often want a little piece of nature back. They also want to design this little green oasis according to their own ideas and needs: a mini garden.

Intensive roof greening - plants, construction and costs

Under intensive roof greening one understands a planting of the roof with grasses, shrubs, perennials and woody plants. Such facilities are walkable, almost created as a garden on the roof.

Creating a courtyard - Tips for interior design

Even from rather inconspicuous and small courtyards you can create your own little paradise, a place of relaxation. With some tips and tricks for creating the inner courtyard and the right plants, you can create a beautiful oasis of peace.

Create raised bed and plant + building instructions

In addition to the classic type of ground-level bedding plant, there are different ways to operate bedding culture. Raised beds and raised beds are widespread, especially in natural horticulture.

Cottage Garden - Planning and Design + Planting Plan

The Cottage Garden is a rural garden from England, similar to our cottage gardens, only finer, filigree created, with great attention to detail.

Roof garden - meaningful use of green roofs

A roof garden is a good place, especially in urban centers, to experience the outdoors at all times of the day, close to the apartment. However, extensive planning and preparation work is necessary before you can enjoy the summer there.

Water Gardens - Water Garden in action

Water is a vital element and also has a very relaxing effect, through its flowing or splashing. It is also wonderful to watch fish swim silently and slowly in the water.

Tree for the small front yard

Even if there is little space in the front yard, that's no problem. Even trees and bushes thrive in buckets without any problems. All you need is a big enough jar and the right tree.

Create and design forest garden

The forest garden is not only a plantation of trees, but a composition of trees, perennials, ferns, ground cover and perhaps flowers, which only in their interaction form an ecological system and can condition each other in their existence favorable.

Design Natural Garden - Eco Garden Guide

Those who do not want to put a lot of work into their care and want to make the domestic insects and birds a special paradise, create a natural garden. An eco garden guide gives many good tips for creating a natural garden, because there are many different possibilities with flower meadow, garden pond or natural stone wall.

Create a natural garden - plants for natural gardens

With a natural garden, passionate hobby gardeners get a piece of native wilderness within reach. The close-to-nature design offers wildlife a shelter, while you can enjoy the robust and easy-care plants. Create your own natural garden and benefit from the low maintenance and the diversity of the local flora.

Plants for the gravel garden - create pebble in the garden

Bright white pebbles, juicy green plants and curved paths - if you lay a pebble bed in the garden, you can create an attractive eye-catcher that requires little care. Asian understatement, Mediterranean aromas or individual style and interesting mixtures are easily possible if the gravel garden is planned correctly.

Creating allotments - Tips for creating small gardens

Creating a garden requires a lot of planning and skill. With the right preparation and implementation, you can make sensible use of the green space without making the garden seem overloaded. The design of a small garden is fun, but at the same time requires a lot of work. Useful tips and tricks will help you to create small gardens.

Create and design a sunken garden

As a slope planting the experienced gardener can create a sunken garden. For this you need an external attachment of the beds to the sloping side, for example from natural stone or dry stone walls. Not all plants are suitable for these locations. Which one can be planned? Which are suitable for creative purposes?

Green roof - ideas for planting

A green roof ensures a balanced climate inside the house. It protects against cold in winter and in summer a green roof provides a pleasant cooling. A green roof can also shield the inhabitants of the respective house from high-frequency mobile radio radiation. Decisive for creating a green roof is a root-resistant roof cover.

Create a country house garden - ideas for design

If you would like to create a garden around your detached house in the countryside, which in its character corresponds to classic cottage gardens, picks up their plant wealth and is equipped with deco elements from the rural milieu, we have compiled appropriate planning and implementation tips for you.

Build and plant the plant island yourself

If you want to enhance large lawns in the garden or beautify your garden pond, planting islands are a good idea. They are fenced to the outside and planted with uncomplicated, but eye-catching plants. What to look for, we summarize in this article.

Create your own Mediterranean front garden

Mediterranean gardens bring southern flair on the doorstep. Many hobby gardeners thus realize the desire to be able to enjoy plants or garden worlds discovered on holiday in their everyday life on holiday. If you want to provide a Mediterranean atmosphere in the front garden, we have some tips.

Create knot garden - instructions for a knot bed

You do not know knot gardens? Surely you have already seen some. In parks of castles there are often knot gardens. They consist of ornamental shrubs, which are arranged in knot ornaments, braided and checkerboard patterns.What looks difficult, experienced hobby gardeners can also implement in the local garden.

Create a heather garden - plants and design

Heath flowers at a time of year when the garden slowly becomes drab. Therefore, if you decide to create a heather garden, you should consider the specific site requirements and care needs of the heather plants. We summarize the most important things.

Create a hilly bed - instructions and planting

Anyone who thinks about creating a raised bed should also consider the alternative: Hillock beds have in principle the same advantages as raised beds, but are more natural in the overall picture of a garden. They do not necessarily have to be created with high borders.

Create easy-care front yard

The front garden is easy to see from the outside, especially in the urban environment, and is therefore a kind of presentation plate that is carefully designed and kept in good condition by amateur gardeners. We will explore the question of how to facilitate the care of the front yard.

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