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There are many books on the subject of gardening. So that you do not have to go on a search yourself, MEIN scours the book market for you every month and selects the best works. If we have aroused your interest, you can order the books you need directly from Amazon online.

The big gardeners

Book tip: the great gardener DVA

"The Great Gatherers" provides an insight into the life and work of 40 famous designers

Behind a famous garden or park is usually an outstanding, creative personality, which has shaped not only the face of each plant, but often enough the garden taste of their time. But who are these designers who stand behind the created works that still impress us today? The English garden journalist Steven Anderton introduces 40 famous gardeners from 13 countries and gives an overview of 500 years of garden culture with these portraits.
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"The great gardeners"
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 304 pages, 34.95 euros

Design garden spaces

Book tip: design garden spaces, Ulmer Verlag

The right room layout is a prerequisite for a successful garden design

How to turn a more or less empty plot into a varied garden space? This question has probably already asked some, if they set themselves to create the garden. Based on numerous photos and sketches, the plant specialist Wolfgang Borchardt explains how one can achieve great effects, especially through the skillful placement of hedges, groups of trees and even single trees. They set boundaries along the garden border, divide the area, create depth and direct the view.
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"Design garden spaces"
Ulmer Verlag, 160 pages, 39.90 euros

Gardens in winter

Book tip: Gardens in winter, Ulmer Verlag

So that the garden is attractive and colorful even in winter

From late November to early February, gardens are colorless and drab - that's the common prejudice. But the landscape designer Cédric Pollet shows with the example of 20 gardens and parks in England and France, that even in this season nature is not stingy with colors and variety. His main focus is the conspicuously drawn bark of the trees, vividly colored branches of shrubs and the evergreen or even flowering plants that transform the plants into fascinating winter landscapes. The focus of the book are the numerous impressive pictures, but the reader also gets tips for designing their own garden.
Order this book from Amazon:
"Gardens in winter"
Ulmer Verlag, 224 pages, 39,90 Euro

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