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Are you missing the right ideas for the design of your garden? Then head to the Landesgartenschau in Ippenburg: Over 50 model gardens await you - including the Ideen-Garten by MEIN.

Our Idea Garden in Ippenburg: garden

One of over 50 different sample gardens: our Idea Garden in Ippenburg

"We have just bought a terraced house with a small garden and are here looking for ideas," says a young family who strolls through the over 50 model gardens of the garden show grounds at Ippenburg Castle.

"Our garden still has the charm of the 70s at the moment, so it's about time we completely redesigned it!" Confesses a couple at the sight of the modern waterfront gardens. "I do not even have a garden myself, but I really enjoy the flowers here - at least I have something to dream about," says one elderly lady who made herself comfortable in our Victorian greenhouse reading lounge.

Lawn edge corten steel

The lawn in our garden of ideas is raised slightly and is bordered by a steel edge with rust patina

Such and similar enthusiastic statements can be heard these days more often, on the grounds of the State Garden Show in Bad Essen and Ippenburg - no wonder, especially for owners of smaller gardens will find plenty of suggestions: long flowering congestion combinations, beautiful seats on the water and examples of use for a variety of traditional and modern building materials from natural stone to reinforced concrete.
Incidentally, suggestions for the bed design are also found outside the model gardens to the satisfaction, because the entire viewing area around the Ippenburg shines in an imposing sea of ​​rose and perennial flowers.

Our Idea Garden in Ippenburg: idea

Overview plan of our Idea Garden

Brigitte Röde

Landscape architect Brigitte Röde

The landscape architect Brigitte Röde planned the idea garden of MEIN in Ippenburg. With much enthusiasm and passion for beautiful gardens, she has been running her successful planning office in Cologne for over 20 years.
Using the example of the almost 100 square meter area, the designer shows how much charm - or even - small gardens can have had. An unusual eye-catcher and the dominant element in the Ideas Garden are the two curved edging of boxwood. They line the central lawn and each end with a book ball. The lawn itself is slightly raised and edged with a lawn edge made of corten steel.

Water feature Idea Garden

The small water feature in the Ideas Garden is also edged with boxwood

The Idea Garden contains two seats despite the limited space. One is located on the right side right on the water of the moat and was created as a small, circular wooden terrace. The second seat at the front consists of a paved area of ​​dark, upright laid clinker, with which the other ways of the idea garden were designed. The design motif of water is also reflected in this seat - in the form of a small water feature, which gleps happily in the midst of a surface with a dark coarse-grained basalt putt.

Our Idea Garden in Ippenburg: ippenburg

The beds are predominantly in the color combination white and pink

The planting concept of the garden of Ideas is limited to relatively few flowering shrubs, perennials and summer flowers, which are mostly in bloom in summer. The romantic tone-on-tone flower combination from white to pink looks elegant, but unobtrusive.
"No matter how big a garden is, you always have to be able to walk around in it and discover something new every day," Brigitte Röde summarizes her design concept.
The following plan shows an overview of our Ideas Garden in Ippenburg - Ideas is expressly allowed!

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