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The pampas grass is in contrast to most so-called "warm season grasses" wintergreen and also sensitive to frost. While you can overwinter other species such as the miscanthus or the whistle grass in the garden unprotected in the garden and completely cuts back in the spring, you should pack the pampas grass in the fall well so that it survives the winter.

Above all, winter wetness is a problem - so you bind the leafy head of the pampas grass above with a rope and upholstered the interior with dry autumn leaves or straw. Most of the rainwater runs down the leaves and does not penetrate into the delicate heart of the plant. In addition, you should mulchen the root area with autumn leaves, so that rain and condensation water can not penetrate so quickly into the ground.

Do not cut pampas grass but clean it up

When the wetness protection is removed again in early spring, one first cuts off the old stalks with the fruit stalks at ground level in the spring. Of course, if all the leaves are dry and dead, you can also trim the entire leaf - preferably with a hedge trimmer or tufted with a secateurs.

Pruning the dead leaves on pampas grass

If the foliage of the pampas grass has completely died, cut it off with the hedge trimmer, like most other ornamental grasses

In the milder regions of Germany, however, many leaves in the leafy head are often still green in spring. The dead leaves, however, are fouled to a large extent at ground level. Because it makes sense to preserve the green leaves, you should not immediately grab the scissors. Instead, to remove the dead leaves, simply put on sturdy work gloves - ideally with a rubber or latex coating - and then systematically comb the leaves with your fingers. Important: Do not do this with unprotected hands, because the leaf margins of the pampas grass are razor-sharp! With this technique, a large part of the dry leaves can be easily removed. If they do not solve well, you can repeat the process several times later in the spring.
Important to know: The cleaning of the leaf head is above all a cosmetic measure and from a purely biological point of view is not absolutely necessary. The dead leaves dissolve over time and are overgrown by the new leaves.

Video Board: Landscape Trimming Pampas Grass.

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