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It is probably one of the most beautiful ornamental grasses: pampas grass. To keep it beautiful, you have to cut it back regularly. But beware! There is a lot to consider here.

pampas grass

When and how to cut pampas grass, not all hobby gardeners agree. Nevertheless, you should not neglect the pruning in any case. Some garden owners avoid it because they are afraid of injury to the sharp leaves. But with suitable protective measures that is not a valid reason.

For that reason you should cut the ornamental grass regularly to encourage a strong and healthy growth. In addition, the fresh shoots need enough air and light, and this is only guaranteed if you have removed the old shoots. If you regularly do a pruning, female specimens can even reach a height of up to three meters! Reading tip: plant pampas grass - That's how it's done

Best time for pruning

➤ Pruning in spring:

Many ornamental grass lovers make the fatal mistake of cutting off the pampas grass in autumn. In this case, however, a lot of moisture could penetrate the stalks causing rot. Thus, you risk that the plant enters the winter. In addition, the long blades can provide some protection from the cold. Therefore, you should make the pruning in the spring, when it gets warmer and drier outside again. The ideal time would be the end of March / beginning of April. Some hobby gardeners also cut the ornamental grass in two stages: first remove the first half in the spring and then remove the remaining old shoots after sprouting the shoots.

If you make the pruning of the pampas grass in early spring, the plant will definitely have reached its original height by the autumn.

➤ Pruning in summer:

Maybe a pruning in the summer would be conceivable, because then remove the seeds with the same. In this case, however, then no increase is possible. Simply shorten the old shoots to a length of 15 to 20 centimeters. However, it is important that you do not hurt the young shoots under any circumstances.

Tips for pruning

➤ Tip 1 - Tie up the stalks:

They make cutting a lot easier if you bind the stalks together to form several tufts. This makes them easier to dispose of.

➤ Tip 2 - Wear protective clothing:

It is important to wear protective gloves when cutting pampas grass, as the leaves are very sharp-edged and could cause serious injury. It is also best to wear safety goggles when cutting to protect your eyes from injury.

➤ Tip 3 - Secateurs with long handles use:

For the pruning a conventional secateurs is completely sufficient. But even better would be a model with long handles, because then you will not come so easily in contact with the plant.

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