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The narrow strip of lawn along the house has been uninviting so far. We are looking for a clever design idea that at the same time provides some privacy in the direction of the neighboring property and the road. The area faces south and therefore gets a lot of sun.

Solution 1: strolling path between perennial borders

Since the garden area continues to be used as a passage, leads in the first proposal a narrow gravel path from the terrace behind the house forward towards the entrance. Although the path is straight, but is divided by an offset in the middle in two sections and thereby visually shortened. To emphasize the cross element, the way here is wider and designed with six concrete slabs.

Walking path between perennial borders

At the back of the house the path leads to the left around the building and straight on to a cozy bench

The garden bench was placed under the flowering magnolia 'Wildcat' from April, which stands exactly in the direction of the road and with its picturesque growth around the year is a beautiful sight. A small hornbeam hedge, which is planted directly at the fence, provides for privacy in the direction of the neighboring property. In addition, stand in front of the two windows Rankobelisken with yellow clematis, which prevent direct insights. The obelisks are repeated in other places in the discounts and on the terrace. Lush perennial beds in yellow, white and purple accompany the sections of the trail.

Transverse path with concrete step plates

The crossway is marked by six staggered concrete step plates that are simply placed in the gravel. This bend breaks the long, narrow path. In the flower beds, it blooms from May to autumn - longest holds the sun hat 'Early Bird Gold': from June to November

As of May, two bearded irises are among the first flowering plants in the perennial flowerbeds: the medium-high variety 'Maui Moonlight' and the higher 'Cup Race' in plain white. At the same time the yellow Clematis 'Helios' as well as the pretty eyelash perl grass are blooming. Starting in June, violet sage 'Ostfriesland' and the very early sun hat variety 'Early Bird Gold' play the main role, from August accompanied by the bright green steppe spurge. Autumnal aspects will be added starting in September when the white pillow asters 'Kristina' open their star flowers. As a "repeat offender" can be persuaded, with appropriate cut back to the first pile, the steppe sage for a second round in September.

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