Pull passionflower itself - step by step instructions

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To draw a passion flower yourself is very easy

Go and see the breeders! Passion flowers are ideal for growing new varieties. Find out here how to grow a passionflower yourself.

Pull passionflower itself - step by step instructions
To pull a passion flower itself is not that difficult. Maybe it will work for you and you will create a much nicer variety than the one you already have at home. If you want to give it a try, you should do the following:

  1. You need two different passion flowers. From the one cut off the stems. At the end sit the yellow pollen, which are recognizable by their color very well. Do not grasp the pollen with your fingers, but with tweezers.
  2. Now you have to pick up the yellow pollen with the tweezers on the white scars of the flower of the second plant dab.
  3. You must now wrap this flower in a plastic bag. Over the next few weeks, a fruit will develop that carries the seed with the new genetic material.
  4. This seed must be dried until next summer and kept safely. Only then can you sow it.

With a little luck you will get a completely new variety, which you can then give your own name. Just try it. You can never have enough of these flowers at home. After all, they can also be used as a remedy. So the leaves are to help with anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and sleep disorders.

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