Clean pavement joints: This way driveways and so on are free of weeds

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Weeds in paved joints look ugly and can even lift the stones. Regular cleaning must be, but with my tips but easier.

Remove weeds in pavement joints with gas

It has not only once happened that visitors enter our property and give us enviable views because of the size. Yes, it's true, what we have created in recent years, is quite handsome, but also makes a lot of work!

After giving you some tips recently on how to free your patio from moss and green cover, today we'll focus on the driveway and all the other paved areas. It annoys me colossally when I come home from work, open the gate and expect a carpet of moss and weeds, neatly distributed between the joints of the paved driveway. You know that? Then you are exactly right here.

Clean pavement joints by hand

Clean pavement joints: This way driveways and so on are free of weeds

Whether gardeners or homeowners, most of the work is still done by hand. In principle, it is also a nice balance to the job, as long as it remains in moderation. It is certainly one of the less pleasant things to pick weeds out of the paving joints.

»Joints scratch without bending down«

I do not know how you have addressed the "weed plague" so far. My first attempts were made with a sharp knife from my household. I could throw that away afterwards.

In the meantime I have a real joint scratch, with which I am also very satisfied. The small models, which are between 20 and 30 cm long in size, do their services, but they force you to their knees. ? My choice was therefore a joint scraper that you can just sit on a normal broomstick (see So I can get up to work and the result is great. Since I rarely film myself at work, here's an example video to let you know what I mean.

Remove weeds in pavement joints with gas

In order to save annoying weeding, large areas in the garden are simply covered with bark mulch. Of course this is not possible on paving stones. Alternatively, you can use gas to clean the joints. That sounds dangerous, but it is not and also more ecological than the chemical club.

By the AbflammgerÀt (see weed burner contribution) the weeds become simple burnt, However, only superficially. Roots remain between the joints and drive out eventually. This variant of removing weeds from the pavement joints is also a bit more expensive, as the gas burner also requires a gas cylinder. When you have finished with the area, the flamed weed only has to be swept away leaving behind a (for now) clean driveway.

Clean pavement joints with high pressure

Clean pavement joints with high-pressure cleaner

Whether the purchase of a high-pressure cleaner is worth, everyone has to decide for themselves. In the long term, it can make sense, because not only can you clean paved driveways, but also your garden furniture and even the mossy house wall. I do not use the KĂ€rcher quite often, because the "Schweinerei" behind me is always too big for me. Yes, it is true, with the power of the high-pressure cleaner, you also get paving joints clean, but it also takes a while for the water used to drain into the ground and the driveway to dry again.

A clear plus for the high-pressure cleaner: They kill two birds with one stone. Due to the precise jet, the entire force acts in the joints and thus "lifts" the weeds. Thanks to a special attachment (see also test report on, the cobblestones can be "polished" afterwards as well.

Ultimately, the joints, as in the gas burner, but only superficially and thus temporarily freed from weeds. In the long term effective is the first presented joint scraper variant.

Potato water: natural weedkiller

No matter what "tool" you use for cleaning your pavement joints, at some point the infamous green will come through again. If you discover small spots, you can fight the weeds with normal potato water fight. It is important that the water is still hot and salted. Then pour directly onto the affected joints and leave it that way. The salt and the high temperature are "poison" for the weeds, but their paved driveway does not matter.

Video Board: How To Remove Weeds From Interlocking (Without A Pressure Washer).

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