Paint paving stones - step by step instructions

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Make old again: If paving stones are old and weathered, you do not have to renew them. Finally, paving stones can also be painted. We show you how it works.

Paving stones in different colors

If they are relocated, they look great. 5 years later only weathered. But it is quite normal that paving stones lose their beautiful look over time. This is due to the different weather conditions. Once they have weathered, they are simply not nice to look at and quickly give the property an unkempt character. Therefore, you should remedy quickly and do something.

Now you do not have to replace the stones completely. That would not only be associated with a very high cost, but also nonsensical. Finally, you can also paint concrete pavers and give them a nice look again.

Paint for paving stones

Many have certainly heard nothing of this possibility. Refreshing with paint works only with concrete blocks that are completely intact and have no cracks or breaks. For natural stones, this method is not possible.

In order to freshen up the paving stones, the construction market offers special glazings for concrete blocks (see, for example, Do it New Paving), with which you can simply recoat the stones in a wide variety of colors. The color connects directly to the material and is permeable to water vapor. Thus it is integrated in the concrete. In addition, it is also resistant to fading and does not yellow over time.

Our tip:

By the way, the colored glazes are not only suitable for the visual embellishment of old paving stones. Sometimes you would like to relocate cobblestones, but find in the trade no concrete blocks in the desired color. The choice of colored stones is indeed very limited and also the colored stones are very expensive. In this case, it can make sense, if you buy cheap concrete paving stones and then simply paint them in the desired color. The glazes are also wonderful for applying patterns to the paving stones.

Instructions for painting paving stones

➤ Step 1:

Only on clean stones, the color can adhere optimally. Therefore, you must first clean the concrete paving stones thoroughly. This works best with a high-pressure cleaner. For lichens and mosses you have to use tools and remove the weeds by hand. Reading tip: Clean paving stones - step by step instructions

After cleaning, you must then let the pavement dry completely.

➤ Step 2:

The painting of the stones should only be carried out in dry weather and temperatures of at least five degrees. Take a short roll or a brush to hand and apply the previously thoroughly stirred glaze on the dry stones. You can mark the joints with you.

Not surprised:

When fresh, the paint may have a completely different color than desired. The actual color does not show until the paint has dried completely.

➤ Step 3:

Mostly you have to wait about an hour, then the concrete blocks are walkable again. If the color does not optimally cover with a layer, you can apply a second coat after the drying time or only repair individual areas. Then let it dry again for one hour.

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