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The peach tree (Prunus persica) is offered by the nurseries mostly as a so-called bush tree with short stem and low crown approach. It bears its fruit like the sour cherry on the one-year-old wood - that is, on the shoots that were created in the previous year. Every long shoot will only fruit once. In the third year, he no longer forms buds and leaves hardly leaves.

Pruning promotes fruiting

To ensure that the peach tree remains fruitful and delivers many peaches year after year, a consistent annual pruning is extremely important. If you let the plant grow without cutting, the fruit shoots are getting shorter and shorter with the time and the peaches form only in the outer area of ​​the treetop. Therefore, it is important to keep the balance between old and new impulses. Immediately after harvesting or in the spring just before flowering, remove at least three quarters of the shoots that have been fruitful in the previous year. The remainder should be cut to three buds so that they can form new fruit shoots for the next year. Make sure that the crown is lighted as evenly as possible by the pruning.

Peach tree shoots

An overview of the various trie types: wood shoot (1), false fruit drive (2), true fruit drive (3) and buoyancy (4)

True and false fruit shoots

A peach specialty is the so-called true and false fruit shoots. True fruit shoots can be recognized by the fact that their round flower buds are each combined with one to two flatter, pointed leaf buds. These flower buds form fruits and must therefore be preserved. In the last section, a true fruit drive usually carries only leaf buds; this part can be removed. Incorrect fruit shoots irritatingly also have roundish flower buds. Unlike the true fruit shoots, these are not flanked by leaf buds.

Peach tree flowers

Many buds do not necessarily promise many fruits with the peach

Although the false fruit shoots initially produce fruit, they discard during the course of the year because the small peaches can not be sufficiently nourished by the few leaves. Therefore, cut off any false fruit shoots altogether or cut them into short stubs with one or two leaf buds - in the course of the year, with good luck, they will produce true fruit shoots that will carry peaches next year. A third type of shoot are the short so-called bouquet shoots. They also carry fertile buds and are therefore not cut.

Peach tree cut

The peach cut takes place in autumn or spring

Framing wood gears

In addition to the flowering plants, there are also so-called wood shoots that neither bloom nor fruit. Unless they are needed for crown construction, you should remove these shoots altogether or shorten them on two eyes so that they can form new shoots. Tip: If you have difficulty distinguishing the different types of buds, simply wait with the cut until the first flower buds open.

The right time to cut

Peach trees such as the new self-fertile variety 'Piattafortwo' bloom in mild vineyard locations from March and are often at risk of late frost. Cut the trees just before or just after flowering so you can more easily detect damage. Frozen buds and flowers dry up and turn brown.

Peach trees peach grove dish crown

In orchards, peach trees are often raised with a plate crown or hollow crown

Plate crown or trellis

Basically, it is important that the crown of a peach tree remains compact and not too dense, because the fruits need a lot of sun to ripen - so take courage to pruning shears. A particularly high incidence of light allows the so-called plate crown. In this special crown shape, the middle drive is capped in the third or fourth year of crown formation just above the highest flat side branch, so that the sun can penetrate the crown well from above.
A plate crown is not only common in peach trees, it is also preferred in professional fruit growing in plum species. High yields and good fruit quality is provided by a peach tree when it is raised as a trellis fruit with fan-shaped arranged side shoots. Because of its high heat radiation, a location in front of a south-facing house wall is best suited as a location.

Video Board: Pruning a Mature Peach Tree.

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