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If you love peanuts, you will also like to buy them in stock. However, it is important that they are stored properly, otherwise they quickly start to mold.

Moisture damages the peanuts

They look rather inconspicuous with their curved shell and the relatively small core, but offer quite a bit both in terms of taste and health. That's why peanuts have long been one of the most popular nuts, even if strictly speaking they are not. Botanists count them among the legumes, as their English name peanut (pea nut) reveals.

Many fans of peanut enjoy it not only salted and ready-made or prepared as peanut butter, but also fresh and get a supply home. However, you must then pay attention to some things during storage so that you can enjoy the peanuts for a long time.

So store peanuts properly

Basically it is like this: Moisture damages the peanuts and ensures that they quickly mold. Due to their high fat content, the nuts also go rancid quickly. So do not leave the peeled nuts for too long and use them up quickly.

➤ Otherwise:

Like all nuts, peanuts also like cool, dry and dark. The ideal storage temperature is between 8 and 10° C. A cool basement room or a dark corner in a cool pantry is an ideal storage place.

You can of course also keep the peanuts in the fridge. However, it is important that you place the nuts in an airtight container so that the oil of the nuts does not take on other flavors, such as the taste of cheese. In the fridge, peanuts then keep well sealed for about three to four weeks.

Our tip: freeze the peanuts

If you want to have some of your peanuts, you can freeze them. In a well-sealed, airtight packaging, the nuts in the freezer then last up to one year. So you have a supply at hand throughout the year.

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