Hibernate the pear tree in the pot - this is how the tree manages to do well over the winter

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Pear trees in the garden usually do not need protection in winter. Pear trees in the tub, however. Frost can end up tampering with the tree.

Buckthorn pear trees need shelter in winter

Pear trees are not among the frost-sensitive plants and survive the winter usually unscathed.

However, care must be taken when cultivating pear trees in the tub. Anyone who does not properly protect the tree must reckon that it is causing damage from the cold. So you have to pay attention to a few points, so that the tree survives the cold season well.

How to properly protect the tree in winter

Her pear tree has only limited space in the bucket to form roots. That's why Frost can completely capture its roots in a short amount of time and deprive the tree of the opportunity to get water. If the frost persists, there is a risk of your pear tree literally dying of thirst. To avoid this risk:

Insulate bucket:

Wrap the bucket with two layers of straw, coconut or jute mats. Alternatively, you can also use bubble wrap or foam, but the visual impact is not very appealing. The insulation with the natural materials, however, looks attractive and decorative.

Pear the pear tree:

Cold air absorbs temperature changes much faster than a frozen ground. Therefore create a space between bucket and floor. This works well with two thick wooden boards: Place the bucket on the boards so that there is a cavity in between. When the temperature rises above the freezing point, the roots also warm up.

Cover the soil in the bucket:

In addition, you can also protect the roots from above. Cover the soil in the bucket with a layer of organic material. Bark mulch is perfect for this and offers an additional advantage: During the frost-free days, nutrients reach the roots, which are immediately available to the pear tree at the beginning of the growing season.

Do not forget to pour:

The best protection of the roots is in vain if you forget to water your pear tree in winter. The water requirement is much lower than in summer. Therefore, water regularly on frost-free days, but only very sparingly.

Above all, make sure you have trouble-free workflow options. If you put the bucket on two boards with clearance as described above, you have already solved this problem.

Protect bark:

The combination of severe frost and direct sunlight often causes the bark to burst from young fruit trees. Therefore, place the bucket in the shade and cover the trunk and the thicker branches with fir branches.

If you feel the effort is too high, you can also make a white with lime milk, which you get in well-stocked garden shops or here. Apply the lime milk at temperatures above freezing with a wide brush. Additional advantage of this method: The lime not only protects the bark from frost, but also prevents moss from attaching to the tree.

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