Pear varieties for small gardens

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The bite into the delicately melting, juicy pulp of a ripe pear is a treat reserved for owners of their own trees. After all, hard-to-pick, hard-packed fruits usually reach the market. So you do well to plant a tree yourself. And that does not take much space! These pear varieties are perfect for small gardens.

Harvest bag for fruits

With a harvest bag, apples and pears can be harvested comfortably and protected

Pears, like apples, can be raised as bushy or even narrower spindle trees and even as fruit hedge. Even in small gardens bring so at least two pear varieties. So the right pollen donor is already found. However, due to the weaker root system, the demands on the soil and location increase. Water-permeable, humus-rich and nutrient-rich soil is a prerequisite for successful cultivation. On calcareous soil the trees react with leaf yellowing (chlorosis). Tip: Just in the first few years after planting, ensure a good water supply and cover the tree disc with a loose layer of mature compost or composted bark mulch.

Harvest pears

Storable winter pears should be harvested as late as possible

New storable pear varieties

So far, only early-maturing summer and autumn pears such as 'Harrow Delight' have been considered for small tree forms. The fruits taste fresh from the tree, but can be kept after the harvest for a maximum of four weeks. Newer varieties are the popular winter pear varieties like 'Williams Christ' or 'Delicious from Charneux' tastes and can not be stored in a cool, frost-free cellar until December. In 'Condo' were two traditional varieties godfather: The good storability is based on the popular 'Conference', connoisseurs will easily taste the spicy sweet aroma of the schorffesten, good old 'club dandelion pear'. 'Concorde' has the same parents and stays fresh and juicy in the cellar for another six to eight weeks.

Pears on the wall trellis

Pear tree at the trellis

Pears can easily be pulled on the trellis

In cooler regions, pears are pulled in front of a south or southwest facing wall. To a modern wooden facade fits a loosely constructed trellis. As a stop almost invisible tension wires suffice. The side shoots are carefully bent in spring in the desired direction and attached to the wires.
For classic espalier forms you also choose pear varieties that grow vigorously, but only produce short fruitwood, like the popular 'Williams Christ'. During the summer cut you shorten strongly growing shoots down to the base leaves. Thinner branches are not cut. Forgotten fruit shoots on the underside of older scaffold branches are cut in the late winter or early spring.

Store pears in fruit horde

Freshly harvested pears are best stored in a dark and cool place, for example in a fruit hive in the cellar

Time of harvest

The optimal harvest time is not easy to recognize for the different pear varieties. As a rule of thumb: pick early varieties as early as possible, storable winter pears as late as possible. One thing you should not do under any circumstances: shake pears! Instead pick each fruit intended for storage individually, place it side by side in flat boxes or hordes and store in a cool place, far away from apples. The sensitive pears also do not get the company of other fruits in the fruit bowl and they ripen faster than you can eat them. Dark red autumn pears are best tasted fresh from the tree. You bring surpluses into the kitchen and prepare stew with beans and bacon, sweet compote or juicy cake.

Pear varieties for small gardens


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Pear varieties for small gardens: gardens

Pear varieties for small gardens: varieties

Pear varieties for small gardens: pear


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Pears for small gardens

Pear varieties for small gardens: small

Japanese Nashi pears are an exotic addition to the orchard. As pollinators are suitable domestic pear varieties such as 'Williams Christ'

Pear varieties for small gardens: pear

'Harrow Delight' matures in mid-August and can be stored until mid-September. The red-touched fruits are not doughy even when fully ripe

Pear varieties for small gardens: varieties

'Dessera' is suitable for any garden size. The early variety is to have as a half or low stem and trellis tree. The bright yellow to orange peel hides sweet, juicy flesh

Pear varieties for small gardens: small

'Schweizerhose' is the name of the striped autumn pear, because it is reminiscent of the trousers of the Swiss Guard in the Vatican. Fruit picked at the end of October can be stored until December

Pear varieties for small gardens: gardens

'Gute Luise', a historic pear variety from 1778, lives up to its name with its wonderfully aromatic pulp

Pear varieties for small gardens: varieties

'Conference' is fruitful even without cross-pollination and is therefore optimal if you only have room for a tree


Pear 'Harrow Delight'

Pear 'Dessera'

Pear 'Swiss pants'

Pear 'Gute Luise'

Pear 'Conference'

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