Pellet boiler - wood chip boiler / costs

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Pellet boiler - wood chip boiler / costs

A pellet boiler (also called wood chip boiler) is used for heating. The difference to a "normal" gas or oil heating is that it can be heated particularly ecologically with pellets.
Pellet boiler - General and advantages
The advantages over a log heater:
  • It is not necessary to get logs. Not everyone has a forest on their doorstep or other ways to get around.
  • In addition, the transport and storage is time-consuming and sometimes a little tricky, since the logs need special conditions, so they are dry and then burn properly.
  • Pellet boilers also work fully automatically, with higher efficiency and significantly lower emissions.

  • High-performance pellet boilers incorporate state-of-the-art control and burner technology to ensure that the statutory emission limit values ​​are not exceeded! A pellet boiler is also almost maintenance free. Although there are still models that have to be cleaned every eight days, but in higher price ranges, there are also those that are so easy we run gas or oil heating systems. The pellets themselves come through a suction system or a so-called pellet screw into the boiler.
    Before the purchase
    Before you buy a pellet boiler, you should get information, because even these heating systems are subject to quite strict regulations. In the case of a pellet boiler, it is thus the case (completely independent of the outside temperature) during combustion
    of the pellet boiler must always remain exactly the same. Here is the highest precision duty.
    A good burner system and equally good ventilation are also prerequisites. When it comes to exhaust gas, a variable speed intake draft fan is the right choice. This ensures regular combustion of the pellets, while a so-called "lambda probe" controls the exhaust gases. A good pellet kettle is self-cleaning. Burner, combustion chamber and the heat exchange tubes should clean themselves at regular intervals. Before buying one should compare the power consumption of different boiler, because some are very voracious here!
    Of course you can not specify a flat rate for a pellet boiler, as it is simply dependent on many different factors. Depending on the equipment level and type of event, boiler systems can be purchased from € 8,000.00. The installation of a pellet boiler is promoted with up to € 2,400.00 to increase the attractiveness. Of course, the better and more modern the system, the more expensive it will naturally be. In general, one can say that a good facility, which is also self-cleaning, to have the € 15,000.00 is.
    One should always keep in mind that this is an investment in the future. In addition to the economic benefits (the pellets themselves are as domestic raw material free of eco and mineral oil tax, the VAT rate is 7%), a pellet boiler is also good for the environment, since he works with renewable resources.

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